A cult formed by the followers of L Rob Hubbard. Followers believe that they are "the elite" of the planet. Staff and "Sea Org" members are paid very very little money, if any. And are expected to give all of their time, money (including savings and income) and soul to the cult. Those who do not follow are shunned and punished. Most members, especially staff, lie, steal, and manipulate unsuspecting people out of their money in order to "go clear" and "go up the bridge" of "spiritual freedom".
I only wanted to learn about life, and Scientology, but I was taken for everything I owned and ended up with nothing but low self esteem and no bank account and no home.
by cinamingrl March 07, 2009
A strange, pseudo-science cult founded by science fiction author, L Ron Hubbard in 1952. Scientology claims to be able to cure any type of disease such as diabeetus aids or even "cure" homosexuality. Apparantly, that appealed to many famous actors like Tom Cruise and John Travolta, because they seemed to flock towards the strange cult. The "CHURCHES" main practice is Dianetics, a half assed pile of crap which was advertised as a "self help" treatment, even though it just advertises the shitty cult it was spawned from.

Scientology is subject to many lulz from message boards, encyclopedia dramaitica, and many other peoples on the internet. Scientology is surrounded in controversy since its founding, and the creator of this monstrocity of a religion's moralities were questioned after being discharged from the navy, and being permanantly banished from England.
scientology is scary :O
by Jeremy Orkin June 19, 2010
A load of bullshit started by a greedy Jew Sci-fi writer.
That nufag thinks that scientology is actually about religion? Its about giving your leader all of your money!!
by ifukdyermom February 09, 2009
Religion invented by L. Ron Hubbard. Members can be divided into the people who really believe the religion, and people who use the religion as a status symbol because of the costs of being in it (i.e most celebrity practitioners). Some members can be found in shopping malls and other public places, advertising "free stress tests".
The Church of Scientology costs several hundred thousand dollars to complete.
by inxblot April 28, 2008
A "religion" founded by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubard. The central beliefs are that an alien named Xenu trapped alien souls in people, or on earth, or something like that. No one is really sure, but it's almost unanimously accepted as a science fiction money making scam because to actually find out what it's about, you have to pay a boatload of cash.

The best explanation of Scientology can be found in the season 9 South Park episode, "Traped in the Closet", where Stan is thought to be the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubard and Tom Cruise wont come out of the closet.
Anyone who believes Scientology is on something strong, lives in California, or both.
by Em K. 23 January 31, 2011
The phenomenon in which Anonymous kills a fad faster, based on it's popularity.
Man#1: Dude... Getonmyhorse.com got hit by Anonymous.
Man#2: Wasn't that huge for a while?
Man#3: Yeah. Leave it to Anonymous, right?
Man#1: Scientology'd.
by Conspicuous-Ninja November 29, 2010
A religion made up by Tom Cruise to make people think he's crazy.
Todd: Did you know that Tom Cruise believes in scientology?

Lenny: I think he's crazy!
by International Lesbian Actor October 15, 2006
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