when said as "schwee schwee" to reresent the anatomy of the male
little Billy... dont forget when you bathe to wash your schwee schwee
by ubetiam March 23, 2003
Top Definition
Apparently schwee is a human concept that is as basic and natural as love. Generally, it is used to express a positive feeling. It could be used to express a pleasant surprise, an awe-inspiring discovery, a happy mood, or it could possibly be used to just say something random and at the same time maintain a positive atmosphere. Some have taken this concept a step farther and thus created schweeishism. People involved in schweeishism are known as schweeites.
A: Dude, check out my new corvette!
B: Schwee...
by BigGoofyGuy April 11, 2005
1. Unspecified material.

2. Household or personal articles considered as a group.
You can put that schwee over there...

What's all of that schwee in your pocket?

by JustAskDana August 21, 2007
Simular to w00t! An expression of excitement, joy, bliss, etc. Concieved on Project Beatdown game website.
"I just headshotted you! Schwee!"
by Luftwaffles December 01, 2002
The male genital organ i.e. the penis.
Zip up your fly, your schwee is hanging out.
by schweedom December 09, 2006
To ema everything that denotes the positive perception of things.
For example, when things are okay, you say 'Schwee'. It can also be used as an informal greeting
by AyshaMiah September 05, 2003
stuff on your desk that is over six months old.
letters that should have been thrown out six months ago.
by Schwee January 14, 2003
An unscrupulous individual, particularly a scammer, or someone who is otherwise untrustworthy
Don't tell me you sent Him to get the tickets-- He's a total schwee!
by jomama October 22, 2003
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