The soon-to-be champion team of the golden gate kickball league
Have you heard the Schweaty balls are releasing their own porn video?
by ballsack June 07, 2004
Top Definition
Derived from "Schweaty Meat Balls" SNL skit, where a man with the name "Schweaty" was selling spaghetti products.

Quote from the SNL skit:
"Would you like to try some of my Schweaty Meat Balls?"
Somethin smells like schweaty balls.
by dialate June 08, 2004
Sometimes your ballsack can sweat causing inconvenient itching.
Lick my schweaty balls!
by Anonymous December 14, 2002
a comdition that occurs most frequently in the scheaty summertime, a thick, slimy coating refered to as "duck butter" clings to your ball sack profusely.

Note: condition aggravated by wearing schweat pants and may lead to visable stains on office furniture
Damn! Look at that chair.. the person who sits there must have schweaty balls..
by Schweaty March 01, 2004
The term for the ball utilized by Team Schweaty en route to their first JCC Championship.
Pass the schweaty ball.
by team schweaty July 09, 2003
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