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A term given to someone when they're so annoyingly good at something, it takes all the fun out of it for everyone else.
Jimmy - "Do you fancy a game of footy down the park?"

Ted - "Yeah, that would be ace, shall I give Bob a call and see if he wants to come?"

Jimmy - "Nah, that Bobs a fucking Schumacher, he'll ruin it for everyone!!"
by Jerkywolf March 09, 2007
To drive fast, usually through winding streets, and take corners hard. Refers to multiple Fomula 1 Championship winner Michael Shumacher.
Greg: I can't believe how fast you were going Jimmy. That was total Schumacher.
by Jimmehh September 18, 2005

One who usually drives at excessive speed. The term originated from the last name of Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher who is known for going VERY fast.
"Ever since Sparks got his car, he's been a complete schumacher."
by frank carter May 14, 2005
Usually used as an insult to refer to someone as a pedophile, a compulsive liar, a male in his twenties who lives at home and has no car or job, a man with a small penis, usually has tattoos of idiotic sayings or symbols in strange places, and a person with little to no common sense.
Did you hear about Tommy and that 12 year old? Yeah, he really pulled a Schumacher.
by shaggy faggydoo January 15, 2011
A derogatory insult, usually saved for an occasion that calls for extremely colourful language. Taken from the Hollywood Director Joel, a Schumacher is an often annoying, blatently homosexual individual whose penchant for all things colourful and rubber, single handedly killed one of the most grippingly dark action franchises of the 90's
"Your such a fuckin' Schumacher!"
by G-Train August 02, 2005
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