The crippling effect school has on the working students social life.
Won't be able to make the show Friday night, im suffering the debilitating effects of schooliosis.
by Cohdilicious September 29, 2009
Top Definition
Scoliosis that is caused by constantly wearing a heavy backpack filled with books, usually from school.
Damn that Mr. Feeny! He gives us so many books to read for homework that I'm getting schooliosis from carrying the books around in my backpack all day.
by Dubble Dee February 14, 2009
A medical condition in which your neck becomes inflammed as a result of too much studying (i.e. starring at text books and computer screens). The only known cure is excessive amounts of alcohol.
Tim- "I'm so glad I don't have to study for that o-chem test anymore. My neck is so sore from starring at my notes."

Bill-"Someone get this man a beer STAT! I think he's suffering from schooliosis."
by johnathon TTT June 26, 2010
Twisting of the spine, backaches and leg pain caused by sitting at cramped desks at school or college for most of the day or night.
I couldn't get my homeworkness done because of schooliosis!
by pentozali October 20, 2009
an anabnormal, lateral curvature of your life when you are juggling work, school, and/or a relationship.
One more hour to go today
Then 4 left till I come back
And 3 of those
I'll sleep away
Leaves me no time to relax and enjoy
Such is the life of the schooliosis.
It's a never ending cycle of nothing
And it's killing me.
by Joey the Ransom Spider September 24, 2009
A contagious disease, characterized by boredom and swelling of the homework glands. Normally suffered by people with lives.
Ted: Man, that geography test was killer.
Andrew: Yeah, tell me about it. My schooliosis was acting up too. That's whack.
by Aaron-o May 21, 2006
when you have so much work in school that your backpack becomes very heavy and you walk with a hunchback even after you take it off.
junior #1: aw, man! we have to read all of war and peace by tomorrow?
junior #2: dude that book is huge, its going to totally give me schooliosis
by lenalenalena October 31, 2007
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