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the biggest evil in high school because it forces people to like the jocks even though they are conceited
you think the star football player is a jerk, so you have no school spirit
by big doofus September 07, 2007
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devotion of your whole entire highschool life to your school. going to football games if not to sabotage it.
I hate school spirit because it's obnoxios and interferes with my education!! ><
by 54779 August 14, 2006
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In most cases, School-Spirit is a manner of acting inmature, loud, and annoying to support your careless teachers and other staff of the school. its also a waste of money, and the support of all the cocky all that jocks who backstab you everyday of your life. you could say that you wanna support the team, like football or basketball etc. but all your doing is being a fool. School-Spirit is gay!
Person 1: i wanna support the team! go tigers!
everyone else: hahahahahaha School-Spirit... lets go smoke weed instead!

everyone else: yay!
by beaubeaubeau May 31, 2010
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School Spirit actually refers to the mass amount of spirits that schools across the world have crushed.
That School Spirit is getting pretty big, jim.
by HshNdjsksksbsjsbsbhxjns October 11, 2015
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