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a building where you learn to do things that are neccesarry to function succesfully in the world. many people take their theier rights to be educated for granted and do not end up learning before until it is to late. There a also who get so worn out from school that they lose thier rational composure. Many people think that they can stay focused on the unimportant events in school. Too many people are pessimistic about education. Sometimes the principal of the a certain school does thing that make students feel like they are hopeless, like not kicking students out of the bathroom when they are not finished going just because they think the students are going to cause trouble all the time, or they have the idea that being tough and getting innocent students in trouble without a saying what they are being accused of doing is neccesary to dicipline them, not to mention asking for dress code that is almost not fully possible for students to follow. (Why are they being so stubborn as not to just switch to a uniform policy?) This behavior actuallly makes them fell less worse about school. Another problem with education is the government of Delaware(which is the state I live in by the way)requiring students to take time to complete state tests, just to get into college.
School is tough but it will get you through life, you can count on that.
by Light Joker April 12, 2004
A fun, unique place where you can expand you social capabilities and become an intelligent young citizen
I love school, just yesterday I told the varsity linebacker Johnny Ricahrdson, that I got an A on my chemistry mid-term, and he was so happy for me that he let me hang out in this total babe's lokcer the whole 8th period!
by Joesph October 31, 2004
A place where you learn many new things and helpful subjects such as math, science, Social studies, language arts, etc. It is commonly disliked by many people, such as me, although i realize without it i'd work at McDonald's or have no job at all.

Immature trolls on urbandictionary.com like to trash it and think it's funny to say it's the devil's house and make complete asses of themselves.
Joe: Hey Bob, I just got promoted to an executive manager, and get paid $100,000+ a year now! I'm glad i worked hard in school!

Bob: School? Oh yeah, that thing. I slept through it all. I need a new Mikkie D's shirt, but they won't provide 1 for me. oh well. Now I'll go get a job at Burger king.
by BassDude12321 June 28, 2004
A very fun place! You can meet teachers and new friends and you can learn math! Very fun. But it's bad that you can't live in school.
Matt: School rocks!
John: Yeah, I totally agree.
by Shayo August 17, 2007
A place where innocent kids are forced to learn things that they will probably never even use in life
I have to go to this hellhole called school
by Dschnerds August 24, 2014
School, is one form of prison. Like, how the fuck do kids go their without getting anxiety. Almost nobody uses algebra in their jobs, but yet people have to spend 12 years in hell about numbers. And nobody, ever, uses proper English, but why do we learn it? I just can't ugh.
I can't take it no more.

School is just too fucking hard.
by Sassy_Sykes August 20, 2014