18 years of hell in order to get a slip of paper and a pat on the back
Someone told me to go to Hell today but I told them I was already at school.
by uselessinformative May 07, 2016
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A place where a teacher works.
Look up the definition of a 'teacher' from Not-so-bo-ri-ng.
by Not-so-bo-ri-ng September 30, 2003
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The place that you wouldn't want to go to except there's that hot girl/guy there that you think you love but really you just want to get in their pants, bro.
"School's boring so I just stare at that chick with the rockin' ass," said Jim.
via giphy
by Where the frogs February 24, 2017
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School, a time that you spend working for your headteachers so as to get decent grades for when you work for your boss. So that you can retire at an old age and use your svaings to watch daytime TV in a rocking chair. Then die, happy and content with the knowledge that you passed some of your GCSE's.
Step 1. School
Step 2. Work
Step 3. Retire
Step 4. Die
by Work Ethic July 31, 2011
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My mom sent me to school without pay
by Mistatrig January 07, 2016
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A place that every child is sent off to at a young age to become a completely un-creative, dull, emotionless shell of what may have turned out to be a decent human being if it weren't for the shitty teachers, self-esteem crushing social pressures, and constant powerlessness to the repetitive routine of getting up and attending 6 fucking lessons of something you hate every day for the rest of your life.
"Your school days are the best days of your life" - Teachers

"If the best days of your life means 12 years of doing the same old shit again and again surrounded by the same ignorant assholes every day, then sure, I guess you're right." - Students
by EdSwag November 08, 2013
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The prison that the government locks innocent children aged 4-18 in to deal with mental psychopaths they call teachers. They teach them how to be racist arrogant low-life fuckers that hate foreign countries, just how the government does
Kid: Mom can I go to a different school? My ass hurts from all the diarrhea I had in algebra yesterday
Mom: Ok, I'll have to sue the government and beat the fuck out of your principal
Dad: Deal with it son, it's just the first week, quit being a pussy
by Food in Africa ate the kids January 19, 2016
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