A place where people can receive education and also build some sort of work ethic or discipline, because that's what your life (and your employer, that is... if you don't manage to retire early) will demand from you - discipline. Often it is populated by dum-witted pussies who don't stop complaining about how much school sucks and, often, how "comformist" it is - if you are so gullible and can't make up your own opinion, and filter the bullshit from useful information, follow this wonderful guide by maddox:
www.thebestpageintheuniverse .net/c.cgi?u=suicide
www.thebestpageintheuniverse .net/c.cgi?u=manly_suicide

3 steps to getting through school:
1) Do your stupid work (instead of complaining - sure, none of us like that, but you gotta do it)
2) Pass the test
3) Graduate

From there you can do whatever you please, but sure as hell no one is going to hire your a$$ if you can't spell/do math or are pretty much useless for these reasons.

Oh and speaking of conformity - whiny-ass pussies tend to form groups that conform to a single opinion, resulting in them being hypocrites and losers.
An intelligent person: Phew, I finally graduated and got accepted to a nice institute.
Whiny-ass pussies: Conformist bastard, we're gonna go smoke weed and play halo, because school sucks.

10 years later:
An intelligent person: Dang, I'm making good money and working on my early retirement.
Whiny-ass pussies: Would you like me to bag your groceries, Sir?
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Take the most boring experience you've ever had then multiply it by,THEN bring a couple of freinds to suffer with you, THEN add the fcat that every time you screw up your parents give you hell. All the while school is giving you hell, ahhh, but wait what about the weekends you ask? Well add homework and projects TIMES 10, so those are now hell too, and if you don't do them then your every day hell is multiplied 100 fold in a continous cycle. Which results in the first about 17 years of your life EXCLUDING COLLEGE hell. In conclusion, School+You=Hell which is then put into the equation Hell+17 years=Childhood full of hell which is then simplified into SCHOOL=HELL
Student: Can you please explain?
Teacher: What do you want me to explain?
Student: Like all that stuff you just said
Teacher:......... Wha.. Sorry....Ummmm, QUIZ TIME!!
10 minutes later......
Teacher: Heres your test
Student: I failed
Teacher You should have studied
Student: But i didn't unders.....
Teacher: What, Huh, Can't hear you, Class dismissed

Now your home
Student: I failed

Parent: No more fun, now you study for the rest of the day
Student: But i didn't understand and the teacher wouldn't
Parent: Ohh Noooo! You must have a learning disability!!!
Student: I just need a bit of help with..
Parent: I'ma laways there for you and i'll always listen! :)
Student: :(
Parent: Now where is the guidance counselors number?
Student: XP


Preist: May your spirit rest in heaven
Parents: Why did he commit suicide! We should have gotten him professional help when he said he wanted to do somehing he would enjoy when he was older!
by Paxist May 03, 2010
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by Karen Rispone May 19, 2008
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A center of learning, where one usually spends, depending on the country he/she lives in, about 10-12 difficult but worthwhile years learning information from teachers who, while boring at times, are understanding and will help students to succeed in school. The information learned in school is needed to function when they get a job, get money from said job, move out and get a nice home using said money, and live a great, independent life thanks to said home.

Anarchic losers will refuse to learn, thinking they will never use such info again, assume they are smarter than their teachers, wonder why they fail classes (does doing your damn work ring a bell?), and will spend the rest of their lives working at a fast food restaurant or a department store, and blame it all on the education system.
<Smart person> Well, just one year of school to go, time to start looking into what career I should pursue. I could be making about what, $70,000 a year?

<Dumb person> well just one year of skool 2 go. how did i get f's, the teachers r saying "Do your homework, study for tests, and think about how much better your future will be if you just did those two things in the first place!" i dunt kno wut that means, but wutever it is its gay
by gs68 September 24, 2004
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The punishment for turning 5 years old. Having to be inside a prison 7 hours a day, 5 of which are spent in slavery, 5 days a week, 38 weeks a year, 14 years of our lives. And on top of all that, 2 hours of homework every day. None of what we learn in school is actually useful apart from basic reading, writing and arithmetic.
Judge: You have been found GUILTY of turning 5 years old! You are sentenced to 14 years of SCHOOL!
Child: Can't I have 10 years in prison instead?
by schoolequalsboredom October 06, 2013
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A place where most of the kids are hypocrites and don't know shit about themselves. A place where you're forced to go or you're considered "retarded". This is the government's legal institution for prison. Adults don't get along with the kids. Children used to be valued.
Yo you're a pussy.

Talk to her.

(Stays in silence)

School is fulled with hypocrites.
by Im Telling The Truth Man March 30, 2012
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Man 1: I can't take it anymore man, im going to school
Man 2: ok... See you on the other side
by Sonofabiscunt October 20, 2016
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