The prison that the government locks innocent children aged 4-18 in to deal with mental psychopaths they call teachers. They teach them how to be racist arrogant low-life fuckers that hate foreign countries, just how the government does
Kid: Mom can I go to a different school? My ass hurts from all the diarrhea I had in algebra yesterday
Mom: Ok, I'll have to sue the government and beat the fuck out of your principal
Dad: Deal with it son, it's just the first week, quit being a pussy
by Food in Africa ate the kids January 19, 2016
S - seven

C - cruel

H - hours

O - of

O - our
L - lives
I hate school, it's so stupid
by Teddybearenthusiast January 12, 2016
A child Labor camp
My mom sent me to school without pay
by Mistatrig January 07, 2016
The place where kids Hopes, Dreams, and Ambitions go to die
I aspired to be a Doctor... Till they said I'd have to stay in school for another 12 to 14 years
by DatNiggaCook January 06, 2016
A place of pure torture and sorrow.
"I would rather commit suicide than go to school tomorrow."
by TheSassyGiraffe December 19, 2015
A waste of time and useless education you won't need in the future unless you need to know the slope of your death; hell
Mom do I have to go to hell today? Sorry I meant school.
by Schoolishell December 06, 2015
School: Several crappy hours of our lives.
"I don't want to go to school today"
by iMinty November 18, 2015
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