A form of mental torture where the torturer strips the victim of there Constitutional rights then forces them to do stressfull, Repetitive tasks that yield no reward.
School is the punishment for being born.
by ching chong9 April 04, 2016
Hell. Think about it. It has circles (grades) and it has a devil at the center of gravity.

At school they make you do shit you don't want to do at home
At home they make you do shit they were supposed to make you do at school.
I remember I asked the teacher why we had do to the homework. Next thing I knew I was being stared at by a hall moniter whose name isn't on the faculty list and his tag states no occupation. He didn't tell me why either.
I have all A's at school. You don't . You're a dumbass. Hey, where did all WHOLE FUCKING LIFE GO? OH YEAH, AGREED TO HAVE 18 YEARS OF MY LIFE RAPED BECAUSE I WANTED TO PLEASE THE TEACHER. FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE! "drops mike. Leaves"
by Lyra Dane March 20, 2016

I wasted school man
by Imadick19603 March 06, 2016
The prison that the government locks innocent children aged 4-18 in to deal with mental psychopaths they call teachers. They teach them how to be racist arrogant low-life fuckers that hate foreign countries, just how the government does
Kid: Mom can I go to a different school? My ass hurts from all the diarrhea I had in algebra yesterday
Mom: Ok, I'll have to sue the government and beat the fuck out of your principal
Dad: Deal with it son, it's just the first week, quit being a pussy
by Food in Africa ate the kids January 19, 2016
S - seven

C - cruel

H - hours

O - of

O - our
L - lives
I hate school, it's so stupid
by Teddybearenthusiast January 12, 2016
A child Labor camp
My mom sent me to school without pay
by Mistatrig January 07, 2016
The place where kids Hopes, Dreams, and Ambitions go to die
I aspired to be a Doctor... Till they said I'd have to stay in school for another 12 to 14 years
by DatNiggaCook January 06, 2016
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