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School is a place where the human spirit is crushed all in the name of education. It also acts as a factory for the next generation of obedient workers so that the Government can steal even more of your money. Once you get into year eleven you start to notice the structure of things. Prefects represent your future bosses, the people who will hold power over you when you enter the work place. They are not there to stop you from doing bad things because they have no actual powers over you. No their purpose is to give you an idea of the future and nothing else.

You don't have to have an actual knowledge of the world to succeed in school, all you need is what the teachers put in front of you. This is all used in order for you to do well in the next round of standardised test bullshit. Why? you ask. The answer is simple good grades lead to you getting jobs of course. School serves to create a load of mindless fork and spoon operators.

To make you think you have a say they set up a Student Council. You vote who you want in and hope they will help you in some way. I once asked a teacher what they acheived and she said " Oh they've done a lot. They got mirrors put in the toilets and made some lovely flower hanging baskets for the school". Now in what way is that beneficial to my education or the improvement of my school life? The answer is it wasn't. The Student Council is there to make you think you have a say. The truth is kids you fucking don't, never have and never will get used to it because it is the same with the Government. This is again the School giving you an idea of the future.

Critical thinking will never be taught or allowed in School because if it was the whole structure would be in danger. The media helps to dumb kids down so instead of asking questions they watch Big Brother and any other shit that happens to be on. The kids are getting dumber and I blame a large amount of this on School. Insead of producing intelligent well rounded people they produce unquestioning fuckwits. What can be done about this? The answer is nothing unless people start to develop the power of critical thought. Will that happen? Not a fucking chance the damage has been done.
Me: Why don't you teach us something useful for a change?

Teacher: Get out of my Classroom!

Student: School is a place for brainwashing

Teacher: Oh don't listen to him listen to us!
by Glynn Thomas August 07, 2008
place were you spend first 18 years of life taking it up the ass
Mom can i stay home from school today? my ass is still sore from english class yesterday
by smokey July 26, 2003
A place where everyone secretly hates each other includin students, staff and teachers and is a nightmare. They force you to do useless work while they also expect you to put up with peer pressure,your home life and social life.
school sucks..
by Whoever July 12, 2003
A place where young, innocent, defencless children are kept prisoner and forced to learn useless stuff like algebra that won't count for fuck when they're old enough to get employed....
multiply out the brackets...


...would someone like to explain to me...WHAT THE HELL THIS IS???
by Shaz April 15, 2003
Welcome, I am the Government. We have a plan for your future, kid. Society will lap you like a wolf laps blood.

1. Curriculum: it is by the enforcement of curriculum that we can positively ensure your mental intake of information is kept in a rigid line. You will have no time to experience other things; even if you did you would feel guilty. “What a waist of space in my mind” You’d think.

2. Exams: It is by the continuous use of exams that we can ensure your self-esteem remains at an all-time low. Lower grades means lower respect. You will be called an idiot; you will have low chances in life. The alternative is to succumb to the weight of society, allow us to control your mind. It is easier this way. We promise.

3. Ritualistic mornings: This is the fun part! You now will have to awaken at early hours. Yes any chance of true restfulness is completely imposable. Do you ever walk into school and feel, for a split second, as though you are unconscious? That is how we want you to feel all the time. That is the point in early mornings.

4. Social humiliation: Yes, we didn’t plan this out. So don’t think we’ll take credit for it, yes this part is all thanks to you. It not only away chips away your self-esteem it also encourages hatred, which you will feel toward foreign nations later in life. We guarantee it.

5. Repetitiveness: It is by the continuous repetitiveness of your scholarly years that we can encourage a clockwork feeling within you.

6. Useless information: By presenting you with this information we can disallow independent thought. While you may begin to think for yourself your teacher, asking you to pay attention, will continually interrupt you. This is one of my favourites!

7. Obedience: Yes this is firmly set into the school world. Discipline, self-discipline, thought-discipline hell it’s all here! We take great pride in our ability to control you. Our shrill voices echoing down the corridor. Yes you needn’t ever feel safe, in or out of school. Be afraid, be very afraid.

8. Long term: This will last sometime; you probably won’t be able to remember a time you weren’t in school. No mode of comparison, excellent.

9. Holidays: We have carefully timed these so that they are long enough to maintain sanity but short enough to deter independent thought.

10. Work ethic: You cannot be a worker without work ethic.

We hope you enjoy your stay. Don’t try to escape, even if the gate is always open.
You are free to do as we tell you.
by billy bo bo June 04, 2005
The other word for prison.
School= Prison
Prison= Hell
Hell=bad... you get the point
by Dustin December 12, 2004
an inhumane experiment where the governments tries to throw as many people as possible together in the same building and fuck with them without getting sued for it
dude, why didnt they cancel school? its snowing!

school is a canspiracy, man. whenever someone figures out whats going on, BAM! they have "problems" and need to see the "counselor"
by anonymous January 11, 2005
a building where teachers try and make you conform to their thoughts.
fucking school sucks balls
by samuek November 20, 2004