Place where you spend 18 years(9 months a year,4 weeks a month,5 days a week,7-9 hours a day)preparing for ''life'' and the ''real world''.They teach that the only life there is:

-Elementary School:True School. Teaches you basic math, how 2 read, how 2 write(Lang Arts), and real survival skills. They tell you that you can accomplish anything as long as you believe. Also where you make most of your life friends.
Tips For Survival: Good Times. Please cherish them.

=Middle School:The Crusher. This is where the shit piles up.
They add letters in your math and teach you completly useless stuff like a2+b2=c2.WTF.Reading stays basically except now you hate it because they make you read the same crap over and over and if you have math before it it feels like you already had reading class! Language arts turns to english and all of a sudden ''everything you learned in elementary is a bunch of shit'',says the teacher. They teach you how to write sentences and how to catch a readers atenntion. You'll probaly need this because the subjects they make you write about are so boring that who'd read them anyways? All your friends abandon you and join cliques or vice versa. Almost everyone around you is a fucking asshole, prick, emo, homosexual, slut, wannabe funny guy, anime freak, wigger, or scene poser. Those who arent are the gradeworms and the normal people like you.All of your hopes and dreams you had in elementary school are destroyed around you by teachers and students alike.If your lucky you might have a few friends or even a girl/boy friend(most likely your first or if not a real one) who will eventually dump you and crush you soul further.but youll get over. a lie they tell you is that if you dont go you WILL work at a fast food restraunt, such as mcdonalds( which is apparently a horrible hell for stupid dropout teenagers with delicious mcgridles and hamburgers.the main point of this is to lower your self esteem(possibly to emo levels)and make you realize that there is no god in school and how cold the world is.
Tips:Don't Speak. Don't make friends, let them want to be your friend.Have a iPod or gameboy: anything to keep you from losing your mind. dont join cliques.try to listen to some of the boring crap your teacher is saying so when a ''important test' comes you wont fail and spend another horrible year in hell.

~High School:Middle School Times Ten.Try To apply what youve learned in middle school. Trust no one. Repeat through this through all grades and you might just survive. some of your elemntary friends might come back to your cards right and it could be somthing like elementary schoolbut with a mix of middle school.
Elemntary school:
John: Hi Bob wanna be friends?
Bob: Sure. Best Friends Forever!
Teacher: Some times you make mistakes,but with hard work,you can accomplish anything!
John: This Is awesome!!!

Middle School:
John:Hey Bob Watcha been doin all summer? Havent seen you all summer...
Bob:Shutup cracka! Im wit ma Gangsta(wigger) clique now dogg! Beings freinds with another guy is so gay on the ill tip forreal yo!!! we stay shootin guns and fuckin sluts(8 year old girls)forealz yo!1!11
John:WTF? anyways ccould i join your clique?
Bob: no homie, u aint hardcore(wigger) like us yo!
John's Girlfriend:I Love(am cheating you) John!!
John: I Love you too
;Next Day;
Johns Girlfriend: im dumping you
John: we only went out for a week! you said you loved me!
GF: I was just playing around im going to get gangraped in the bathroom now!
Teacher: HAhahahah you suck! you got owned by ur GF!!!!
The only way you can get a real girl and succeed is knowing what x=+100=8000*347873478 is!!! and if you dont, your going to fail at life and work at MCDONALDS MOPPING!! HAHAHA!!

High School:
Bob: I realized I was being a wiger all this time.But I have changed lets be friends
Teacher:Im going to teach you useless crap because i dont care about your future . Im so lonley please kill me..
by Ryu From Streetfighter July 02, 2007
Hell...on a stick. A place of compete terror!
o shit another day of school has waed my brain into a worthless pulp
by lashonalonda March 17, 2005
School is a -lot- of things. Mainly all of them are shitty (and all of them being nouns). Here goes:
1. Social forum where you go meet a bunch of idiots that ask you stupid questions.
2. Building which you have to be early/on time for or you'll get your ass kicked by the principal. The time to be at this building is always before 8:30 am if you're in middle school or above, and around 9 am if you're in elementary.
3. A place where you get your ass kicked by the "cool" people.
4. An alledgedly "diverse" place where in reality, it's divided into several cliques. These cliques are incredibly tight-knit and anyone who isn't part of one is considered an outcast and gets shoved into garbage cans & shit. The average middle-school-or-above usually has a stoner clique, skater clique, the "popular people" clique (AKA the people that won the genetic lottery), grade-obsessed-brainwashed-people clique, intelligent people clique, etc...
5. A complete and utter hellhole.
1. Veronica: Hey, Valerie!! I got a 4.0 GPA on my report card! I'm so smart!
-four hours later-
Veronica: in Spanish class Hey, Asti, where's Mexico? Is it in Asia?
3. Decent person: Hey, Maddy? Where's the recycle bin?
Maddy (surrounded by "cool" friends): Bitch, how dare you talk to me! *slams decent person into locker*
4. A decent person looks out at her school five minutes before the bell rings. She sees a bunch of different groups all huddled together, glaring at other groups. This decent person sees the popular people bitchslap the intelligent people for saying things that are simply too complex for the idiot populars to understand :(
5. Asti: Oh dammit I hate Sundays... T_T The day off is ruined by knowing I have to wake up at 6 am and go to hell again.
by 4571XD May 28, 2006
A place where you learn stuff that is useless.A complete waste of my time.
I dont want to go to school Monday.
by Allison August 28, 2004
The Worst Place To Ever Have To Be
Elementary "SCHOOL", Junior High "SCHOOL" *Middle "SCHOOL"*, High "SCHOOL". The SHitiest Places EVER
by Jill *A.K.A* Jilleeoz March 26, 2004
Hell in the most complex way
Columbine high school,home to the most kids shot by 17 cent bullets
by ToNyDaSKuzZ November 14, 2004
A school is somewhere you learn... Learn...yeah right like half of those who finished that awful place even learned how to brush they're own teeth...
Man, I feel like taking my own life and spend eternity in hell...let's go to school!
by ingrid July 14, 2004
a place for parents to put there kids while they do amusing things
prison for kids where they are trapped for 7 hours
by hemp January 29, 2005
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