The absolute last place you want to go to every day for several reasons:

1.) You have to get up at nearly 5-6 in the morning if you want to prepare for school, which is rediculous since they could just as easily make school start later, but make it start early then say "Just go to bed earlier" Sorry, but I just can't go to sleep at 7 at night becuase that is just fuckin' retarded

2.) You are graded in your classes. That's strange, I thought the only one that could judge me is God, but I guess the teachers are god now. Do they relize how it makes a child feel when they get an F? They feel like a dumbass which is how they will continue to fell throughout life. Yet another way to avoid this: No Grades at all. This way you could, I don't know, teach the child WITHOUT judging them and praticly calling them a retard?

3.) It lasts ridiculisly long. I didn't know I needed 6-7 hours of reviewing things I had already learned before in school, I mean, I'd think 3 hours would be enough to review considering 70% of the time your talking, waiting for instructions, moving in between classes, or not paying attention.

4.) It is very boring. Half the time were stuck reading a chapter of a text book we already learned about and the other half the teacher is talking about stuff we already learned about. Don't believe me that it's boring? The people in my school nearly fuckin' jump for joy when we watch a movie, regardless of what it's about. It could be a movie about triangles for all we care, at least it's something different from our usual rutine of the text books and the lecturing

5.) School teaches you that money is the reason to live. "You have to graduate High School to get a good job" they say when your in High School then when you graduate they say "We were kidding about that other thing, you need to graduate college to get a good job" Fuck that! I'd rather work at an McDonelds with friends then work at a labratory with no friends. Happiness is the reason to live life and money does not equal happiness, some will say it does but it dosn't.

6.) School teaches you to care what people think. Throughout everyone's hate of school the students feel they need to get devided into groups and hate on the people who are "not cool" therfour, School encourages hate, and hate encourages more hate. I mean, school is the cause of many suicides and murders (Usually in the ghetto) because of how unfair and horrible school is.

7.) The Teachers are cruel. Some of these teachers molesting children, that's pretty fucked up.

8.) Homework. I don't get it, we have to spend 7 hours in a place that we hate where we review, review, review then when we get home all of a sudden we have to review MORE!? I mean why the fuck can't relax for a second during the 9 MONTHS during school! Even during the weekends we have homework! What's the point!?

9.) It's repetitive, horrible, prison that no matter how horrible it is to socity (I'm talking about Middle and High scholl BTW) it will never get removed or changed because the people in the governmant fail to see how much it hurts the students
The way I see it, all children should attend college after 5th grade. Think about it, you've learned all about America in 5th grade, you learned state history in 4th, you learn cursive and multiplying and dividing in 3rd, and basic social skills in the ones before that (which in elementary school, which is fun, actually encourages good social behaviour) And lets face it, anything after 5th you learn is a complete waste of time. After 5th grade in college you could study anything you want to that you are interested in working at. Then when your 16 or so you can contribute to socety.
by Spikesy May 29, 2006
School is a -lot- of things. Mainly all of them are shitty (and all of them being nouns). Here goes:
1. Social forum where you go meet a bunch of idiots that ask you stupid questions.
2. Building which you have to be early/on time for or you'll get your ass kicked by the principal. The time to be at this building is always before 8:30 am if you're in middle school or above, and around 9 am if you're in elementary.
3. A place where you get your ass kicked by the "cool" people.
4. An alledgedly "diverse" place where in reality, it's divided into several cliques. These cliques are incredibly tight-knit and anyone who isn't part of one is considered an outcast and gets shoved into garbage cans & shit. The average middle-school-or-above usually has a stoner clique, skater clique, the "popular people" clique (AKA the people that won the genetic lottery), grade-obsessed-brainwashed-people clique, intelligent people clique, etc...
5. A complete and utter hellhole.
1. Veronica: Hey, Valerie!! I got a 4.0 GPA on my report card! I'm so smart!
-four hours later-
Veronica: in Spanish class Hey, Asti, where's Mexico? Is it in Asia?
3. Decent person: Hey, Maddy? Where's the recycle bin?
Maddy (surrounded by "cool" friends): Bitch, how dare you talk to me! *slams decent person into locker*
4. A decent person looks out at her school five minutes before the bell rings. She sees a bunch of different groups all huddled together, glaring at other groups. This decent person sees the popular people bitchslap the intelligent people for saying things that are simply too complex for the idiot populars to understand :(
5. Asti: Oh dammit I hate Sundays... T_T The day off is ruined by knowing I have to wake up at 6 am and go to hell again.
by 4571XD May 28, 2006
Hell...on a stick. A place of compete terror!
o shit another day of school has waed my brain into a worthless pulp
by lashonalonda March 17, 2005
A place where you learn stuff that is useless.A complete waste of my time.
I dont want to go to school Monday.
by Allison August 28, 2004
The Worst Place To Ever Have To Be
Elementary "SCHOOL", Junior High "SCHOOL" *Middle "SCHOOL"*, High "SCHOOL". The SHitiest Places EVER
by Jill *A.K.A* Jilleeoz March 26, 2004
A school is somewhere you learn... Learn...yeah right like half of those who finished that awful place even learned how to brush they're own teeth...
Man, I feel like taking my own life and spend eternity in hell...let's go to school!
by ingrid July 14, 2004
A place that the government forces you to go to to learn. It is usually very boring and hard and they give you dumb assignments to work on outside of school. If you ditch school you get in trouble.
A good way to remember how to spell it is "School is not cool so it does not have the word cool in it, it is SCHOOL NOT SHCOOL!"
Kid: EWW I have to go to school tomorrow at 7am!
Another kid: Just ditch with me!
Kid: Nah I can't, I have a math test dude!
by Jeweliepop February 14, 2009
a place for parents to put there kids while they do amusing things
prison for kids where they are trapped for 7 hours
by hemp January 29, 2005

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