For a man to place a penis in his mouth for sexual purposes.
Dude did you just scholz a cock, you can cum on your lips.
by Johnny J to the K March 12, 2009
Top Definition
The prime stretch of real estate connecting the scrotum to the anus. Also known as the T'aint, grundle, choda, or gootch.
A schwetty scholz is a breeding ground for bacteria.
It's so hot in here, my scholz is like a slip n slide.

I scratched my balls, and now my finger smells like scholz. Better than ass, but worse than nut sweat.

The Green Gobbler is the nastiest character ever- I bet he has a scholz like 3 feet long.
by Tyrell S. August 06, 2007
1.Popular german phrase after someone burps.

2.Replacement for the word shit.
1.After they all burped, a loud SCHOLZ!!! followed.

2.Excuse me, i have to take a scholz.
by john March 22, 2005

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