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town full of hicks who grow the best weed fo miles to come
yo i was in schoharie and got the best reefer in New York state
by cheesewheele153 May 30, 2008
Hick town located in Upstate New York. Schoharie is very dirty and has shit for buisinesses. The town is full of wanna be rednecks thats will walk aroud the town and try to sell you the only thing Schoharie has going for it, reefer. Dont bother coming here as you will be shot and/or attacted by a racist redneck with a shotgun and attacked by hound dogs.
"Where are we?" "YALL en Schoharie and we bout to fry your ass...YEE HAW nigger!" "Schoharie... Schoharie, New York?" "Uh Huh boy..." " Please kill me!"
by Bend me over December 02, 2008
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