A Schofield is an exceptional creature that is found in eastern Pennsylvania. Similar to Bigfoot in stature, this fine beast can perform feats of ridiculous strength and vigor. The sole purpose of this being is to eat and grow bigger.
"Wow, Is that THE Schofield??"
"Nay nay Schofield!"
by Canuckafuck November 17, 2012
Top Definition
Prostitute oneself. Short for schooling in the field.
Instead of going to school to learn a trade, she decided to schofield for a buck.
"She be schooling the field man.
by dishrag September 24, 2007
A schofield is a nasty ass ho who has a different boyfriend every week. She says she is so nice and caring but in reality she is a crazy bitch who becomes friends with someone only to try her hardest to ruin their life. She is the ultimate bitch. No one is higher than her on the bitch level. She may be mentally unstable because she is literally out of her mind.
"Look at her. She's a total schofield."
by margaret houlihan April 12, 2010
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