Addendum to my previous definition of schnoodle:

More precisely, a schnoodle is two guys sharing one foreskin in an erotic manner. Head to head. Ya dig?
The two guys were really into each other so they started some hot schnoodle action.
by Athene Airheart May 01, 2004
A Schnoodle can also be a circle jerk between a circumsized guy and an uncircumsized guy.
Kevin the Navy guy knows the definition of Schnoodle because he has a dirty mind.
by Athene Airheart April 18, 2004
Basically a big circle of men jerking eachother off, aka: circle of man love and circle of life.
Hey you guys wanna come by later and schnoodle?
by StardustBoy June 16, 2007
this has two meanings, it is the language of people who take drugs.

its is also another word for ketamine use.
"pass the ruffiniser so i can shwoop shwoop de woop the schnoodle"

"are we schnoodling tonight?"
by dublevision February 21, 2004
a code word that guys use to let them know they have some booger hanging from their nose...especially around chicks.
Guy 1 talking to chick: hey

Guy 2: dude, schnoodle

Guy 1: *sniff*
by Reppin Da Tree Oh Figh January 22, 2005
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