Defition 1: A Schnauser and a Poodle mixed together to create an adorable little dog. This is the most common defition.

Definition 2: To penetrate.
Definition 1: What an adorable Schnoodle you have! How old is he?

Definition 2: I am going to schnoodle their fortress with my amazing army!
by Silence21 July 22, 2011
Schnoodle, or Schnoodling is what you call it when one guy with a circumcised penis has a man with a un-circumcised penis retract his foreskin over both their penises for sick pleasure.
"That sick faggot Shem got caught schnoodling again, I reckon he will get done this time."

"Me & John are very close, we even schnoodle once and awhile."
by TylerLu April 13, 2008
A metalic straw-like device used for snorting cocaine or other illegal substances
Pass me the Schnoodle
by Funtime September 05, 2008
Slang for sexual arousal in a female. In short, a girl boner.
Girl 1: Jack Sparrow gives me a huge schnoodle.
Girl 2: I disagree, that Other Guy gives me a bigger schnoodle.
Girl 3: Davy Jones is best.
by yipiyuk November 19, 2007
substitution for any dirty word
"Are you schnoodling his blurple?"
"Are you scnhooldly seriouse,what the schnoodle?"
"That bitch is a total schnoodle"
by Heather Lyane Smith November 27, 2007
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