Sniffing women's bicycle seats
"Mummy, why is that man schnarf -ing your bicycle seat?"
"Because he's a sick and disturbed man, honey!"

"Schnarf, schnarf" (the cat that couldn't talk from thundercats)
by pleber May 03, 2006
Top Definition
To spray one's drink out of one's nose as the result of sudden laughter.
I schnarfed my chocolate milk when the mouse ran up the lunch lady's leg.
by tikaro May 29, 2003
To hit someone on the head with a pillow when they least expect it.
Hey, can I Schnarf you in the face? *Smacks in the face with random pillow*
by Xeribol April 08, 2013
Adj: A descriptive expression relating to the extreme snugglyness, cuddlyness, or comfortableness of something animate or inanimate. V: To snuggle, cuddle, or become comfortable with something/somebody in an extreme manner.
Adj: "Baby, you look so schnarfable wrapped up in that fuzzy ol' blanket!"
N: "Hey little lady, what do you say we head to the bedroom to schnarf it up for the evening?"
by rhythmicfarts December 24, 2014
A word that can be put in any dirty or perverted joke.

Or to replace a curse word
I will Schnarf you so hard you Chacarron all over the floor...
What the Schnarf you Schnarfing Schnarfer.
by THE SCHNARFER October 27, 2011
A particular way of talking, or an accent. It involves jutting the low part of the jaw forward and manipulating your tongue in a way that you make a sort of childish "schnarf". Best used to exaggerate what you're talking about something with passion. Form of dialect used mostly in the Pacific North West.
*Schnarf* "Their was this one time where I was hangington out with meh friendzorz and we had the bestest time evarr"
by Warrtastic of the Ebon Blade December 30, 2010
To clear one's nasal passage by covering one nostril and blowing out the other.
"My old man schnarfed while doing yardwork. It was disgusting."
by E-mas January 20, 2008
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