Driving really fast on a street with a very modest speed-limit. Usually in a crappy car.
Man, i saw steve schmobbing his pinto the other day.
by Nic August 25, 2003
Top Definition
universal term dealing with anything semi illegal such as speeding, partying, getting trashed, blazed, crunk, and running the city.
"i was so schmobbed last night"
"yo were going f'in schmobbin tonight"
"lets schmob"
by Craw-Dazzle May 15, 2005
The act of mobbing except 10 times sicker. Driving around, bumping some loud ass music (anything from gangsta rap to billy joel), being a crazy asshole and picking up some hoes.
We went schmobbing last night and had a sick ass fukin time
by ryan November 20, 2003
Derivations of the word Schmob:

Schmobbin(verb): straight up balls to the wall partying or any action involving wanton disregard for ones own safety or physical well being; an extreme activity in which an individual enters an abnormal heightened state of mind i.e. experiences with controlled substances, adrenaline surges etc.

Schmobbin(adj.): A definition for a person place or thing that is particularly exciting, fun or enjoyable.

Schmobbed(adj.): The condition which can arise during or after "schmobbin" has occurred; A state of inebriation, extreme euphoria or inversely a highly exhausted or spent state such as being hung over or injured.
"I was schmobbin in a Lamborgini Murcielego when I hit that little kid at 110 mph."

"Wassup dude! Yo this party is so schmobbin! Come to 101 Lombard street fast before the cops break shit up!"

"Dude I am so schmobbed. If I shotgun another coors I am going to vomit."

"No, I am too schmobbed to drive. Please take my keys from me."
by Ross G. June 04, 2005
to drive, to go somewhere, to do something
Wanna schmob in my car?
Wanna schmob on some grub?
by Max Critchfield June 20, 2003
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