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A little more than sexy, your more schmexy than a schmeck.
Wow, you are quite one schmexy person and the schmexyiest one of them all...

You have hair in your mouth, thats very schmexy of you!!!
by Piss Ant February 04, 2006
6 28
use this word to describe an object as being sexy.
loraine: wow, dave is sexy!!
sue: well, the pink lampshade in the bathroom is schmexy!
by frankee January 03, 2006
224 97
schmexy, its like sexy, but schmexy (said shh-mex-e) and can mean just sexy, or if its a little more special than sexy, like sexy, and they are a nice man/woman too!
damn, you know whos schmexy?
no, who?
by d{^_^}b Adam August 31, 2006
133 39
State of being remade sexy after an act of grooming, i.e. haircut, shave, shower, etc.
Adam just got a haircut and is looking schmexy, again.
by IfYouLoveItWhyDontYouMarryIt February 22, 2009
21 31
While "smexy" is "sexy" plus either "Mexican"

or "smart" (depending on preference), "schmexy" is "smexy" plus "cinnamon." Origins unknown.
Girl: Did you see that guy go past just now?
Her gay friend: Yeah! OMG! He was sooo schmexy!
by Aerych January 01, 2010
8 32
sexy: often in a younger, more childish way, eg. prosti-tots.
Oh, you look schmexy in that dress!
Alisha is sooo schmexy.
by Maddy Jane June 24, 2006
17 55
A sexy mexican, or how you say sexy when you are really shit-faced
drunk guy: woowwww, shle ish really schmexy.
drunk friend: yesh she ish!
by kill the sound December 17, 2007
13 52