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1) Sort of like sex but better. Refers to a select few of very sexy people and the sexy things they do.
2) Sarah, Hamel, Kirill, Manda, Britta, Emi, and Flo.
3) Other forms: Schmexy, schmex0rz, schmex0rize, schmexilicious.
Sarah is quite schmexy if I do say so myself.
by Schmexy March 18, 2004
Super sexy individuals that can be described as better than sex.
Damn girl! You're schmex!
by phillyyum August 17, 2011
Overly used word on livewire.
"like schmex you, you schmexy schmex god. So schmex and schmex, and schmex, so go SCHMEX!"
by Tinkleburgness March 23, 2004
1) Pengy
2) See above
Pengy is so schmexy, I think about him whenever I masturbate.
by Sarah March 26, 2004
what pengy does every friday night with any random thing he finds
pengy likes to schmex the apple pie
by rawr May 27, 2004
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