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1) Sort of like sex but better. Refers to a select few of very sexy people and the sexy things they do.
2) Sarah, Hamel, Kirill, Manda, Britta, Emi, and Flo.
3) Other forms: Schmexy, schmex0rz, schmex0rize, schmexilicious.
Sarah is quite schmexy if I do say so myself.
by Schmexy March 18, 2004
26 15
Super sexy individuals that can be described as better than sex.
Damn girl! You're schmex!
by phillyyum August 17, 2011
1 0
Overly used word on livewire.
"like schmex you, you schmexy schmex god. So schmex and schmex, and schmex, so go SCHMEX!"
by Tinkleburgness March 23, 2004
6 13
1) Pengy
2) See above
Pengy is so schmexy, I think about him whenever I masturbate.
by Sarah March 26, 2004
4 13
what pengy does every friday night with any random thing he finds
pengy likes to schmex the apple pie
by rawr May 27, 2004
3 13