the product of forgetting that "smoothie" and "squeeze" are two different words
Gilligan: "I'll have a strawberry schmeeze, please."
Cafeteria worker: "I'm just so tired of all this college, the movie. Where are my pants?"
Gilligan: "Um, you're terrifying. And also, your mom."
by Get to work, Chris Jones. January 25, 2004
Top Definition
West coast hipster/deadhead slang for heroin - particularly "Persian" heroin base.
"Man, Jerry's been so messed up on the schmeeze lately he can barely play!"
by VerbalGimp September 06, 2006
a raging slut... a girl who gets around easily.. a girl who is easy to fuck.. a hoe, slut, smut, or whore who doesnt hide their ways is often referred to as a schmeeze
1: Shes had sex with three dudes at that party last night
2: Damn dude shes a schmeeze
by fuckingschmeeze12 August 19, 2010
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