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a cigarette; a smoke
Give me a schmed.
by Sergio February 28, 2004
Large highly visible splotches of underarm perspiration.
Larry's otherwise brilliant presentation was marred by the sight of his humongous schmeds.
by marekate February 24, 2008
someone who intentionally does something to annoy or anger others in a way that will frustrate them extremely
"You left one cookie left in the jar, what a schmed"
"That schmed just cut me off! Get out of the way!"
"You are a major schmed"
by ND4194 January 20, 2010
A goof, a nerdy person that thinks he's cool. Someone that sits on a bench in a mall wearing a denim or leather jacket while licking an ice cream cone with sprinkiles.
Look at that schmed trying to be cool. He is straight out of 1985!
by Boirto March 28, 2007
A Zombie In a Video game
Ex. We Shot that schmeds head off
by Dartty May 28, 2008
verb: to flake out, let down, abandon, not show up as promised.

forms: schmed, schmedded, schmedding
"I'm giving you the money for my ticket now, so don't schmed out on me!"

"Looks like Ed schmedded out on us again. I guess I'll ask my brother to drive us to the liquor store."

"If you plan on schmedding out on me again, don't ask me for any more favors."
by Dolores Z. June 29, 2006
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