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The Yiddish term for the forskin of the penis.
Irving had his schmeckel sliced off by a mohel at his briss.
They served a nice deli platter too.
by David Glaiser April 03, 2008
Yiddish for small penis. Not a flattering term. Often used to describe a person in unflattering terms.
Herbie is such a schmeckel he can't get the same date twice.
Herbie's such a schmeckel the girls at the office nicknamed him "Is it In?" Herbie.
by snappy2 March 31, 2008
A jewish term reffering to a dick
damn dude go get your schmeckel checked out
by schmeles September 22, 2010
The word used in a joke told by Gene Simmons on the Today Show, causing Shannon Tweed to tell him to "Fuck off."
My schmeckel is now broken after being inserted into 3,000+ women.
by Hareeb Olsakk June 15, 2011
1. Yiddish word used for a schmuck, but who is a little more benign, a more stupid and uninformed schmuck.

2. used also for a pre-pubescent penis, not yet fully grown.
1. He is a real schmeckel, for stealing sheets from the hotel laundry room for a toga party, with a policeman watching.

2. My 11 year old son is just discovering that his schmeckel
may be used for something else other than peeing.
by Martin Lizerbram September 25, 2007
A jewish penis freckel
Jhonny pulled his pants down to reveal his schmeckel
by Pal Penis March 20, 2007