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One who walks with a supicious stride; a loiterer
The creeper down the hall schmeagled by me last night.
by ashweebash December 03, 2006
A male, or description of behavior by a male, that is talking to, being nice to, paying attention to a female for the express purposes of gaining sexual affection from said female without being explicitly honest about his intentions.

Often performed in a creepy, obsessive or underhanded manner.

Also, often a Schmeagle raises suspicions from other males Samwise as to his nefarious intentions but manages to avoid any such suspicions from the female Baggins.
That guy is Scmeagling that girl, and its making me physically sick.

Bro, just tell her you want to nail her, don't be a Schmeagle about it.
by ademitchell September 18, 2012
n. A person who acts soley in their own self interests despite being looked down upon by society.
That schmeagle over durr just snatched up my lil' youngin's shopping cart without even asking for it. Nom saying.

That obtrusively obnoxious gentleman in the all white fur mink, had the audacity to appropriate that senior citizen's favorite christmas sweater, with nothing more than a cackle as he walked off.
n. A person acting solely in their own self interest despite being looked down upon by society.
That foolhardy schmeagle in the fur mink just appropriated that old lady's favorite christmas sweater as he cackled and walked off.
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