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a verb, used with context clues in place of any other verb.
if correctly implemented into your daily vocabulary, the use of "schlingin" makes you sound sophisticated, yet down with the urban lingo.
"Damn, they've been at the bar schlingin' (substituted for drinking) for hours! They're so schlingin' (fucking) drunk! But, not drunk enough to go schlingin' (sleeping) with random strangers. Although, the bartender was schlingin' (hooking up) you with drinks...maybe he'll take ya for a schling (ride) in his ferrari!"

*Note: schlingin' may be used in other contexts, as illustrated with the "schling" example.

And, "schlung" refers to being drunk, meaning the same as "throwed!"

..."nukka, i'm schlung!"

by BrAnDi B, E to the V, & BraNdI S~ September 01, 2006
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