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the act of 'sleeping'
holy moly, i'm so tired. i think i will go to schleep. night night.
by My name is Broo. August 28, 2004
a ganja cigarette that is smoked at least 30 minutes before you go to sleep. this is so that the buzz will make you fall asleep and stay a little bit stoned when you wake up, so that the morning spliff can be fully enjoyed
"Hey man wana save a Schleeps joint off this bag"
"Yeah man put me right to sleep"
by connorbag April 17, 2006
Commonly use with the prefix "Big Ol'", it is a necessary state of unconsciousness after a long night of heavy drinking.
That party was wild, I really got some big ol' schleep afterwards.
by Mike Midgley July 02, 2006