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A person who is completely withdrawn from reality and attempts to create one of his own.
Jim Hellwig is a schizophrenic
by Brad Dotlich October 20, 2003
A person with the mental disorder schizophrenia.

Some of the symptoms include hearing voices, hallucinations, delusions of grandeur, attaching unusual significance to normal events, unusual fixed personal beliefs (delusions), lack of concentration, and insomnia.
Megan Fox claims to suffer from schizophrenia.

None of the people who have defined schizophrenic thus far know what it actually means.
#schizophrenia #mental disorders #mental illness #hearing voices #manias
by D. Faceofa-Smith March 26, 2010
n. 1. From the Latin for "broken mind", someone whose mind is permanently blown
A friend of mine sees colors when she closes her eyes and listens to music. She's a schizophrenic.
#schizophrenia #hallucination #lsd #me #you #cool people #nobody else #hendrixian #wooahh
by Schizophrenus Prime October 05, 2010
a person who smoked alot of weed and now is schizophrenic
pot smoker : i wonder where matt is he’s late for smoking some weed
schizophrenic : the horns are out to get me im not getting out this bed or im gonna die
#crazy #loon #nuts pothead #weed #joint
by Know's Alot May 03, 2011
that totally awesome album by JC Chasez. Absolutely amazing. Ok, so it's all about sex, sex, sex but it's just brilliant!
M: Have you listened to Schizo yet?
K: Um... no?
M: Well, get on it! You'll love it! I promise.
by magz August 26, 2005
a person with two different souls stuck inside of them with two totally different personalities
if you are schizophrenic, one minute you'll be happy and smiling, then the next minute, you'll be in tears
by steph March 20, 2005
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