1. Metamorphic rock
2. Can also be used in place of "gash". Originated from under graduate level geology banter. Standard of Schist is graded from low grade, medium grade to high grade, with an exceptional standard having the pre-fix "foliated".

Mate, that is some high grade foliated schist!

Get that dirty low grade schist out of my face.
#gash #geology #university of bath #crumpet #banter #paul mccrombie
by L A D April 16, 2008
Top Definition
1. A metamorphic rock

2. Can be used in the place of 'shit'.
We had to identify schist in science class today.

"Oh schist!"
"Who says that?"
#shist #scist #sist #shit #schicst
by MuhReeUh November 01, 2007
A euphemism for the word "shit" taking its name from the group of metamorphic rocks.
"Holy schist!"
#shit #metamorphic rocks #dan carrillo is gay #dan carrillo is a fag #dan carrillo enjoys licking other men's orifices
by Jamie Rowe July 10, 2008
Something that seems shady or greedy
Me: Let's go get some beer dude. How much do you got on it?

Dude: I got a dollar on it

Me: cmon man stop being so schist

Me: Hey have you seen my wallet anywhere

Friend: Na man hit up Joe he just left maybe he saw it

Me: He isn't answering

Friend: Dam that's schist
#shady #greedy #sketchy #uncool #cheap
by Nitro2 February 18, 2010
A substitue for the word Shit.
So that crack wuz sum good schist
by Chuck E Cheeze March 07, 2005
a) A metamorphic rock

b) what people say when they want to be cool but they don't want to cuss
This rock is a piece of schist.
by music.books.running May 25, 2016
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