Top Definition
1. Very Tricky

2. Unliked (Insult)
1. wow, that math test was schiesty to the max.

2. Fuck you you schiesty mother fucker.
by Matt Rees February 27, 2005
from the german "schiza". Shitty, shady, just an all around disreputable character
I gives a damn 'bout lame nigga actin' schiesty
Same one knew I was in jail and didn't write me
Wanna fight me then come find me
What eva you do shawty you betta think wisely

by D Boi wit da words June 07, 2009
when you think someone is nice until they sneak attack and go bitch mode on your ass...usually in a classroom setting.
"Amanda was so schiesty today, I've never seen that side of her!"
by doop522 September 14, 2011
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