A slang term that you use to call a person's long string of hair that noticeably protrudes out from the rest, usually due to the fact that the hair has been over-combed, unkempt and/or over-grown. Also can be spelled "Scheemer", to stress the proper pronunciation of the word. (Originated from the character "Schemer" from Shining Time Station.)
"Man John, you need a haircut. You have this gigantic schemer sticking out on the side of your head!"
by Word Addict July 10, 2008
Top Definition
Someone who is always trying to pull a fast one, or get bye through shady methods.
"Tim came over last night looking to get high off my shit!"

"Man, he is such a schemer!"
by El-Higgo November 18, 2005
Someone who cleverly tries to seduce women in hopes of getting lucky.
Dude! Watch out that schemer Greg over there is scheming on some babes.
by The Punn Wrangler May 10, 2010
any person, specifically all women, who hatch diabolical schemes in order to advance their personal interest, aka "get" and "play games" with multiple men. Men, all women are schemers!!! You will get a boner, and she will deflate it with her evil strategic designs. BITCH!!! In other words she will deflate your boner into a flaccid disarray of broken dreams
That bitch is such a schemer, I was hooking up with her all weekend, and now she is fellating another dude. Fuck my life, Scheming whore!!!

Thanks to the scheming whore, I would go gay if that dick wasn't so disgusting
by ChadBroChill#1 May 04, 2009
A person who is trying to holla at someone
*Guy is flirting with a girl*

"Ay yo DAWG, you's a schemer!"
by doooooookie May 09, 2005
A geek programmer who spents his time in converting everything in the scheme language.
n00b: Hey niggli, what you do tonight?
niggli: I will convert EJB into scheme!!!
n00b: Man, u such a schemer!
by almeidap March 22, 2006
Generally a 'rab or a smuggly-ass asian who is very skilled in the fields of math and science, especially calculus and physics. They get straight A's by studying 18 hours a day and having no social life. In addition, they like to play the piano or violin and love debate and computer games. They tend to move in groups with very smug facial expressions that arouse the feeling of hatred or disgust from someone who passes by.
I don't trust those dirty-ass schemers
by Big Snigger August 05, 2006
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