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1. the beautiful feelings of transformation that are expressed on the faces that get shat on in german scheisse porn.

2. the feelings of relief that most people who see the video get because shit's not their kink.
"I'm so happy I can feel the weight of of your turd curling around from my upper lip, over my wide-open eye and across my forehead! The aroma is giving me the most excrellent scheissenfreude I've ever felt!"

"young Thai lady-boys give me a boner but I feel great scheissenfreude that there are no diapers involved."
by mr. humann May 18, 2010
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To derive pleasure from watching someone else lose their shit. A combination of schadenfreude and scheiße.
"Dude, did you see Bob's meltdown in the break room the other day when he saw that someone threw out his week-old sandwich? We were all enjoying the scheißenfreude."
by Peter Gryphon January 12, 2007
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