When your waiter forgets your food, won't refill your water, and generally ignores you.
Our waiter schaivoed me for 20 minutes before finally refilling my iced tea.
by hockeynut April 01, 2005
Top Definition
The point at which you become so high and/or drunk, that you are no longer able to stand or sit. A schaivoed individual will enter a vegetative state, and will lay down on the nearest horizontal surface, most often the floor.
Dude, I smoked a whole bowl of the crippy at Jim's party and got schaivoed. I woke up the next morning in a dress.
by Deadly Pancake January 06, 2008
To get so beligerantly drunk, that you end up in a state similar to Terry Schaivo. Also goes hand in hand with "To get Schai-faced". To become completely unresponsive. Lights out basically.
- After consuming an entire keg by himeself, Ben was clearly schaivoed.

- "Dude lets go get schaivoed tonight."

- He was going to do his homework, but he decided to stick with his guns and get schaivoed.
The past tense of shaivo.
Pip schaivoed Julio before Ms. Sanchez stopped playground fight.
by GreenMonter April 15, 2005
Being drunk to the point that you are barely able to move. A term coined after Terri Schaivo who was unable to move.
Last weekend, I got so fucked up at the frats that I had to be carried home. I was Schaivoed.
by Ferguson300 November 27, 2007
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