An extreme degree of pleasure from the misfortune of assholes.
Fans of Keith Olbermann are whining so painfully, and Osama Bin Laden suffered from ghastly kidney failure until his blood was diluted with urine, and thus I exhibit dual schadenboners.
by Chris Hooten January 24, 2011
Top Definition
Taking really, REALLY immense delight in the misfortune of some loathesome person-like creature. Well beyond garden-variety schadenfreude, a case of schadenboner lasting beyond four hours means the tumescent owner must seek medical attention.
The final exposure of Dan Rather as a failshit partisan back in 2004 gave me a 3-hour least.
by Adroit January 24, 2011
When you want to sleep with someone while simultaneously loathing yourself for finding them attractive. Not quite a grudge fuck
While she's really not my type, I hate to admit, Taylor Swift gives me a total Schadenboner
by michael9738918 November 19, 2014
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