The way we are. Haters who have nothing better to do than bitch on a goddamn online dictionary make us giggle :3 you wee cutiepiies <3 xox We are gorgeous and fun and haters are jealous cuz we actually have friends hehee xo
Scenegirls are the sexiest people alive so get a grip haters xx kthxbaiii we know you love us really so get over your super inflated ego and see we're our own people and have our own style. mwaaah peace rawwr <3 xoxoxo yours truly, scene girl <33
by KandiiKanee xo May 04, 2011
Slutty girls who usually date any guy or girl within their own little group. Yes, they like to think they are bi and crave the attention that comes along with it.

Hair is very scene, and make-up includes looking like a mix between a raccoon and a prostitute. Clothes are basically v-necks, random kiddie tees (dinosaurs, Hello Kitty, robots, sparkles, princesses), extremely tight skinny jeans that have some sort of animal print on them, excessive chains, a shoe of the brand Converse or Vans, and little girl bows and beaded bracelets. And who could forget the ironic mix of black and rainbow.

These girls act like airheads, but at the same time hate anybody's guts who do not think of them as 'deep' people. They will try to rebel whenever possible or make themselves appear 'different', 'unique', or 'special' to anyone else. Dislike being put under a certain category such as 'emo', 'goth', or 'scene'.
Scene Girl Miranda: I just love my rainbow colored bows! I'm going to update my MySpace status about it right now!
Scene Girl Mikaela: Yes. Let's take some MySpace pictures that look like we are deep yet suffering.
Scene Girl Miranda: Rawr! I think we should kiss in the picture, just so everyone thinks we're bi!
Frustrated Girl Auden: Wow, fuck you both. You're annoying, keep the rainbow chains to a minimum here please.
by Let's be honest here. August 31, 2009
1)on the internet: a 40 year old man stalking pubescent teenage boys on the internet, theres no such thing as a scene girl, they are like giraffes, they dont exist. They use gaia and myspace to pull in outcast boys and usually cyber with them.
Boy 1: Dude, check out this hot scene girl im dating over the internet
Boy 2: Eww, you like old men
by Lol Wuut January 03, 2009
Any of a group of conformist girls who mistakenly believe that they are unique and different. They are naive, immature, annoying, slutty, insecure bitches who make up the majority of teenage girls.

Scene girls are naturally promiscuous. If they aren't whores, they aren't truly scene girls. They add 400 million people on myspace and facebook to make up for their lack of real friends.
They only date guys who have scene hair, regardless of their personality, charm, or appeal, and they ONLY date for internet popularity.
scene girls: haayy look at mi bf's hair on our myspaces!

Normal person: It says he lives 12,000 miles away from you and is flirting with 5 other girls at a time.....?

scene girl: ohh nu we r in luvs! Just like mi last eleventy millionz bfs that I was in luvs with :3
by CradletheRight January 04, 2011
Usually concieted whores with HUGE hair who cant talk enough about how "beautiful" they are but yet they think they are so hardcore with their hello kitty. They are the cause of global warming with their freaking hairspray.
Mike: oh my....look at that scene girls hair and short skirt

Mat: Oh no bro..its not worth tapping that. She'll just go on about herself and bitch about her hair to the point where you just want to throw her off a cliff

Mike: Good looking out bro!
by Armagoddamnmotherfuckingeddon December 26, 2009
girls who move from scene to scene is always very fashion and are linked to emo clear that they are more cheerful.
`to be a good girl scene must be pretty skinny people-to-wear clothing so you must be thin to have the best hair best clothes and so on, so Genereal are wealthy girls who post their photos on sites such as: my space, vampirefreaks, buzznet and others.
scene girls :brokelle bones, kiki kannibal, babyfayce, hollygum,dakota rose ,...
by killmexbitch October 16, 2008
Some ppl sayy dat scene people are emo but most arent cozz if ur emo then ur just a person who thinks there life aint worth living.. But i thought that and i chose scene cozz u dont have to act depressed "all the time" and u can wear anything rlly. If ur scene u can wear any colours bright and all but u GOTTAA make sure u know exactly wat hair u want if u just go in and pick one then it might make u look like a fag so pick the right hair. A site that helped me quite a bit to pick hair and find rllyyy rllyyy cute backrounds and stuff its >> Its totally sex (meaning kewl in scene talk) So if ur life sux but u just cant always be totally depressed and down then choose scene and the few best things bout scene >> the hair,,,,the clothes,,,,the cuteness,,, and still being able to be happy!!
Scene Girls Examples for words>>> lol=lawll or like on words add letters like this >>rlly,,rllyy its the scene and if ur new to scene then i suggest u find a site like dis and talk and search around a lil

This is Kugl Torture kickin all u fags into shape

by Kugl Torture July 15, 2010

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