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Someone you don't really find attractive but you fuck anyway.
Either to boost your credability in a particular scene or to become initiated into said scene vicariously through the hard scene work of others.
"So how do you know Jason..?"
"oh I scene fucked him 6 months back, i'm way more scene than him now he wants to scene fuck me.."
not disimilar to the scene date, scene friends
by RoxyStarr July 17, 2005
The Scene Fuck is a derrogatory term used to describe an individual considered "scene", usually entitled by hardcore kids who find the scene person to be obnoxious, a poser, or just plain annoying.
"goddamn that scene fuck looks so cocky"

"I hate that little posing scene fuck"

"that scene fuck doesn't even listen to the music!"
by wallpaperlicks July 08, 2006
College and highschool (usually) kids that dress ridiculously stupid and act like little kids by sporting things with robots or frigging dinosaurs. Their hair is usually very short and ugly and (girls) look very unlady-like. Boys steal their sisters pants for some reason unknown to me. Fat girls who are unaccepted by the "preppy" pretty girls so they dress retarded to make them feel better about themselves. Then there's the skinny scene girl fucks. They too Have some mental instability about them and try to dress pretty with clothes that very obviously don't match or fit but end up failing horribly and act like they're some kind of hardass.
When in reality, if they came across a normal active member of society talking their "hardcore scene" crap....they'd get their shit split.
Girls wear very tacky and gaudy jewelry and apply their makeup in ways even a hooker would frown upon.
I don't know what to say about guys. They dress like a poor gay man. Make up and all. With stupid nautical star tattoos everywhere and bandanas adorned around the neck or head, which in all reality looks dumb. Plain old DUMB
Now whatever music you want to listen to, that's fine by me. But somehow this "fashion" trend is influencing music genres.
So with shitty styles inevitably comes shitty music.
If you see any scene fucks, a swift kick to the shins and/or crotch'll let them know where they stand in society.
I really can't believe this generation of kids.
Most middle-class kids living in the suburbs from 13 to mid twenties. A scene fuck is just a fuck.
by jaelisa June 06, 2007

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