"Emos with style." A *relatively* new and unique style of dress based on a mixture of rocker and goth.
You see that new scene girl at school? Her skinny jeans are so cash.
by GalacticaShockz August 24, 2010
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Hybrid mix between a hipster, a prep, and an emo kid.
The scene kids were loud as hell at the Hollywood Undead concert.
by Trixalix November 25, 2010
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A childlike person typically ranging from 13 - 17 years old
A person who thinks that acting like a baby that using a lot of slang and make-up is cool. They type messages in a confusing and illegible way, and they can take picures, edit them, and actually make it look like they're attractive when they aren't.

Their hair is over the top, and by thinking they're unique, they just fit in with the cliche even more.
Scene girls often state that they're bisexual when that is often not the case at all.
xxxpainfullycutexxx :OMG I love llamas and pop cultureeee and COLORS!

ilovegiraffes: me too !!!! we are so sceneeee!
by Liza Menelli October 24, 2009
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a stupid fagg-ish myspace fad which requires you to wear tight clothes and a "radd" haircut. if scene people actually call THEMSELVES scene, they are most likely fake. they also take pictures at weird angles cause they like to be "different". if you are scene, you THINK you are unique and different, but you are not. every single fucking moron trys to be like you. scene people think they are hardxcore when they are really gay pussys that are afraid of the pit and need to get the fuck over it. most scene kids are gay, insecure, THINK they are original, bi, fake, or two-face copiers of other scene kids. get that? now go write it down.
Kira: hey! look! there is a scene kid! he is completely un- original and he thinks he looks rad with his tight clothes and his stretched ears!

James: Yah! and those are exactly the people we dont want to be like because we have to be ourselves!

by rachelkk May 05, 2008
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Scene kids are those who have started a revolution in the music and fashion world.

While some have an egostistical, vain, and 'stuck-up' personality, most are as nice as can be. Scene kids are those who were abandoned by the 'norm' of society.
Go to shows and speak to them, most are pretty nice.

Girl: "Um... Hello."
Scene girl: "Yo what's up?"
Girl: "Nothing much, how many of {insert band name here}'s have you been too'
Scene Girl: "Only a few, my friends and I usally go for celebrations and stuff.

I actually had this type of convo with a scene girl at a concert... She is now one of my best friends.
by Mikki Mac December 13, 2010
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Scene is just another poorly supported, illogical, stereo type, ignorant, people use to have a reason to pick at one another.
"Hey I'm going to try and boost my self-esteem by making fun of that kid whose different than me! Hey kid your really scene! (Looks towards friends) You guys hear that? Real funny right? abahahhaah!"
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A style, of skinny jeans, band tees, long hair, often with highlights. Also listens to hardcore, screamo, and punk music.
Connor is SO not scene, even though he always gets called it.
Even though they dress scene, you can also be skater.
by Connnnnnor December 20, 2010
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