Any group of teenagers with, but not limited too, having choppy short black hair, with one rather odd looking bleached-blonde streak in their emo sweep (side swept bangs), or obnoxiosly long, think bleach blond hair with one random black highlight, also with an emo sweep, these teenagers, if female, are often seen wearing guys jeans, bright colored band ts, polka dots, vans slip-ons, and childish barrets, and if male, clothing that is obnoxiosly tight on them, band ts, girls jeans, and converse chuck taylors. These teenagers are often seen hanging out at local teen clubs listening to there favorite local band that they know nothing of, the just go to go, they try to act cool by hardcore dancing or jumping around like little twats taking pictures of themselves with "sex"written all over there fingers. Teenagers of this nature are also marked by, but not limited to: Nose Peircings, Naval Peircings, Monroes, Multiple Ear Peircings, Eyebrow Peircings, Bridge Peircings, and nape peircings.
Lola was so scene with her jet black hair and her monroe peircing.
by losercouture November 12, 2005
scene just basically means your a snobby bitch that think you're non conforming when really your just like every one in the "scene". You go to hardcore shows and dance even though scene guys suposedly hate it when girls are in the pit, but since your scene and all and you dont give a damn you do it anyways. in my opion scene kids are just little wannabes who go to local shows and think they are so"cute kidie" or "rad nigg" because they have heard of little kid stuff.
heres your scene kid

-choppy layered hair with side bangs
-normally random patches of light brown or light blonde to make it look like someone shit in your hair
-septum rings and lip rings of any kind
-bright colors with flats and tight jeans
-little kid themed clothes
-headbands sunglasses colored pearls or hair bows
-likes hardXcore stuff cuz they are so SCENE
-with the million and ten "pics" they take the tag for them is--OH SO SCENE--tough girlXcore--or SCENE bitches
-normally adds Xcore to anything they say
-thinks they are better than anyone unscene
-has a livejournal to be cool not to write in
-crams words together
-scene girls normally wear tons of eyeliner
-oh BTW they like guns--bang--cunt--stab
by cryXmeXanXocean November 05, 2005
The current trend the new emo? where girls and boys look the same and usually almost certainly have the same hairstyle usually choppy, messy and black
They think they are original but are just clones of each other.
Myspace is an essential.
Scene kids think typing in CAPS is oh so 'sceneXcore.
They use words like innit, buff and will without a doubt love From first to last. NO not because of they're music. Because of Sonny moore.

They add Xcore to all their words.
And often use the terms,

OH AND! you can't forget the crazy assed angeled pictures, plastered all over myspace.

Scenesters like things ranging from polka dots, to robots and dinosaurs, to beads and hair bows.

Most of them are pretentious little cunts.
Bang__Bang_FXCKING_BANG___X says;
I'm gonna take some new pics of myself now and post a_bulletin asking people to comment them__x&x_
-LyKe OmFgZ!!!!111one!- says;
Oh GO YOU!!12311!
Bang__Bang_FXCKING_BANG___X says;
-LyKe OmFgZ!!!!111one!- says;
Kewl kewl.
I'm going down town tomo to get some new converse..

And so on && so forth.

Ridiculous if you ask me.
by xEmo_Starx August 08, 2005
People who post pictures under this category to get attention
SCENESTER: omg, like whoa, screw myspace, is the best place to post my new pics like whoa

by Capitolist revolution July 06, 2005
1. (adj.) Used to refer to bunch of losers, who progressively destroyed the cultural label of goth, and then moved on to the next fad, which is SCENE. (See Real Goth for clarification of what the term "Gothic" meant before Scene kids took it over several years ago.)
2. (adj.) Drama whores, attention whores, whiners, losers, and posers that like to pretend they're cool and/ or nonchalant. Fashion victims that like to pretend they're unique. Wimps who like to pretend that they're badass. (See also; hypocrite.)
3. (adj.) Used as an adjective by scene kids to describe anything they think is cool, AKA, anything that the rest of the world thinks is utterly moronic, pointless, and tiresome.
1. After the dregs of teenage society whored out the term "goth" for a while, they came up with a newer term called "scene", which still meant "loser", but shocked and/ or confused their parents more.
2. Scene kid: "I wish I were scene enough to pretend I wasn't scene! T_T"
3. Scene Kid Tippy: Oh em GEE! I lurve your new HAIR and it's black chaos!
Scene Kid Sarah: I no! It is totally teh scene.
Sarah's Older Sister: Christ, Sarah, did you get your head caught in the fuckin' weed eater?
by Zosong June 24, 2005
scene is another word for trendy

no defintion you use could really explain what scene is because scene means THE SCENE and the scene is whats tredny

so scene means nothing other then trendy, theres your simple defintion
wow krista is so scene
by l3x13th41 January 10, 2009
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