You basically look like everyone else.
You're a bitch who says "k" in almost every sentence.
You cut your hair every day, but cut it in different angles.
You wear clothes that have cartoons from your childhood on them.
You have atleast 3 colors on your eyes from your eyeshadow.
bleedingthroughmywristsintoyoursoul: dood; can i borrow yer dinosaur shirt?

mascaraQueenxCunt: mmmHellznoK'thnxBye.
by Neely O'Hara July 11, 2005
teenagers who are obsessed with saying things like "kthnx" "kdie" "stfu" and "im cooler than you k"

often wear unmatching old tight clothes with random things on them

they often get mad when you like the music they like.
you cant listen to this music KDIE!
by omgstfu June 22, 2005
Kids decided to cut their hair in choppy short layers and dye random sections while taking pictures with their hand over their mouth in a "shocked" expression while holding a sign in their other that says I LOVE CAROLINE!! <3. Their attire consists of tight black tee shirts or tank tops with many bracelets covering their wrists. They wear tight pants, generally in a shocking color, such as green. They are usually bitchy.
"I'm flipping off the camera! I'm so scene!"
by michaelajoycee June 17, 2005
a kid that dress "emo"(but is not),they only hang out with people who dress and think the same way as them. they usualy have chopped up hair that they probably cut them selves and they think they are the greatest fucking creation on this earth.
warning: dont talk to scene kids you will only get in to a fight.
by josh April 29, 2005
The act of dressing like an emo person, yet you aren't depressed and you love life. Somewhat a poser but not.
Im scene stupid not emo, see no cuts on my wrists.
by Porcine October 20, 2006
A very annoying group of people who flock to any local show. These people are often seen having hair, which is similar to that of the emo style.

Scene people are not exactly emo though. They are generally just about the appearance and currently cool fads. They commonly wear shirts with dinosaurs on them, or local bands, to fit into the scene. The girls drench themselves in white beaded necklaces. They have also tried stealing Vans and Converse, but it's still better than preps getting their hands on it. Scene people are just into the fads and are RIDICULOUSLY OBSESSED with myspace.
Look at those scene kids, flocking to the local shows.
by BleedingTorment October 17, 2006
(adj.) Emo, but happy. Too happy. Happy so you want to hurt them enough to make them become proper emos.
That girl looks like something out of the eighties... she must be scene.
by Kiya The Heretic August 26, 2006

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