Scene is the definition of a wannabe emo who doesn't cut. They have too much time on their hands, and take far too many pictures of themselves.

A quite humorous fact about the background of those of the scene variety is the observation that emos themselves are bad cheap imitations of goths. Which in turn means that "sceenies" as some people call those of the scene "anti-group" are really-really bad cheap imitations of goths.

Many scene losers have backwards mullets which are quite silly looking.
1. 85% of all people that use myspace are "scene"

2. the world would be 85% better were it not for the scene tards.
by The Crispy1 August 01, 2006
Perhaps music isn't dead, maybe we just forgot what it sounded like.. While the emphasis on what we experience at a show is continuing to be replaced by the eyes, rather than our ears, the scene will continue to manifest itself beyond any control.. It is simply another example of people being judged for their clothes and image rather than their personality, rise above it if you can!
a guy i know wanted to get an XloyaltyX tattoo for his straightedge commitment the other day, until i reminded him hed already broken it 4 times.. scene kids eh?
Scene is usually term used for "people who dress in an unorderly fashion" yet scene gets too much hate from people in which have no idea what it means or uses it as a term of "emo"....which it's not emo!! I can't stress enough how badly its bashed yet "scensters" don't back talk anyone else they actually seem to keep to themselves. Preps don't get any critizism from anyone...why? I have no idea they seem to be the haters of scene without even knowing why.
Scene a fashion,culture,lifestyle don't bash it learn to live with it and leave it how it is
by Detritus October 31, 2005
According to all of you haters, scene is nothing more then conformists who cant think for themselves. Although there may be some scene kids who are in it for acceptance. Others are in it to be with people that may have similar thoughts and style. By Saying that all scene kids are the same, youre stereotyping. Some kids join the scene because they actually like the style, music, and ideas that the scene stand for. Its true that some are in it for the wrong reasons, but these definitions are an insult, and any of you who have the audacity to catagorize kids based on what they like, take a look at yourself, your style, your ideas, and its garunteed that there is something out there EXACTLY like you. Now, do you think of yourself as a poser or conformist?
Punk, Emo, Ska, Indie, Rockabilly, Gangster, Prep, Jock, Freak, Metalhead,Straight Edge, Stoner, Geek, FUCKKKKKK LABELLLLSSSSS
by B-Easy June 03, 2005
A word to describe self conceited trendy kids who post their own image to the define the word scene.
Urban dictionary has a catalog of anonymous gloomy scene kids all over it.
by Phrenesicko Decapitate June 01, 2005
girls in polka dots and neon colors with black hair and flirty makeup. abnormally thin boys in womens clothing touching up their own makeup. hair "Eating" their faces..making the poor kids go blind. dinosaurs galore. "like sexx" or "like woah" after every statement. probably a blood brothers obsession, when they know only on or two songs. mixing hardcore and techno (i personally dont see it happening..ever). kids(most of the time under 24, as stated in deffinition #1) who simply try too hard to fit in with the current trend.
electrickkgirlxx:ohh emm gee! kso check out that guy..we have hte same pants!
BANGelectrikkSEX:he's scene like woah!
by Mrs.Electric Ocean April 14, 2005
A person who strives at being part of a specific group of classification. Often refered to people who listen and dress according to the latest fashions of Hardcore or Metalcore. Scene things to do is atttend shows(local small concert venues) regularly. If you are a true scenester then you will go just to mingle with other scene kids and not for the music. Scene kids are usually either straight edge (no drinking, drugs, smoking, casual sex) and are noticable with huge X's on their hands or raging alcoholic/drug addicted/sexaholocics. Scene kids are usually very noticable with tight clothing, some form of Blood Brothers clothing, and crazy hair.
Boys in girl pants or jackets.
Buttons in random places on shirts, jeans, jacket, hoodie, ect.
Hair styles where the bangs are longer than any other part of the hair.
by G! February 28, 2005
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