Guys and girls both have the same clothing, hair, and make-up. It fashionable to dig through your closet and look for all your old t-shirts from second grade b/c thats "scene" Its now Okay to shop in the kids department now that your all-grown-up. Wearing thick black glasses even if you don't need them is "scene" too. Going to crappy shows and meeting everyone in the bands is RAD. Must have a myspace or else your just not "scene" ALWAYS end a sentance with "kthnx" its cool.
Take pictures of yourself 24/7 but dont look at the camera, and take them at weird angles. Replace vowels with the letter X. or simply say your hardXcore.
ROFL, Hawt, LOLZ, and LMAO have now become official words.(lyke oh ma gawd)
Lyke Oh my gawd your so gorg! Comm3nt my pix. kthnx.

"lyke fxck you! im hardXcore and your not!"
kthnx bye!
by KayIhArrEye June 27, 2005
Colloquial term commonly used in Pakistan. On its own, Scene refers to 'the way things are'. A plan is often referred to as a scene.

"Scene?" means "what's the plan?" or "what should we do?"

Commonly used terms include 'good scene', 'bad scene', 'scene (is) on', or 'scene (is) off.

Also, a colloquial term used in Lahore sometimes is "scene on (pronoucned awn) bachiyan down (pronounced da-awn)"

For those who don't know, bachiyan means girls.

So for instance:
Person 1: "Why didn't you come over last night?"
Person 2: "I don't know. I didn't know what the scene was"
Dick: I won't the lottery, good scene.
Peter: Your name is Dick. Bad scene

Flo: That guy looks shady. What's his scene?
Slim Shady: You look sunny. What's your flow?
by GoodMB May 25, 2012
A bunch of cunts and faggots who run around the mall with rats nests on their heads, spending their parent's money and pretending like their faggotry makes them unique.

All of them are misguided retards. Most of them act like pussies, but some of them try to act tough. Those who do are faggots, and wouldn't last a minute against a real man before they start crying, fall to their knees, and beg for mercy.

When they grow some balls and get a brain in their heads, they'll realize what faggots they were and wonder why they ever wanted to look like that. They'll also regret it, as everyone will remember them as being some giant, scene-jumping hipster piece of putrefying dogshit wet-pussy faggot.
Josh: Hey, look at that scene faggot walking out of the mall!

Mike: That kid's a pussy! Let's go mug him!
by Ethan666 May 24, 2010
A word that urban dictionary users will argue endlessly about.
Hey, I'm bored. I'm ganna go argue about the word scene, because that way my life will be worth something.
by Areweonfiya November 15, 2008
'Scene' is a style which many older teenage girls adopt although males may too.
Girls tend to have outragous hair with bright extensions or side fringes. Their main hair colour tends to be black or blond.
Scene kids use outdated phrases like 'Rad' & 'It's the sex'.
Scenecore, is the more glamorous scene style while Sceneies associated with the Murderscene are more harsh and 'hardcore.

Scene Queens include: Kiki Kannibal, Koti Rose, Twigg Violence, Zui Suicide, Dani Gore.
Cleo Couture is so scene
by EmoGloves October 29, 2008
Here's one from someone who has a scene girlfriend (I'm metal BTW):

- Long black choppy hair
- Facial Piercings
- Wears rave colours (Neon green, blue and pink)
- Studded belt
- Buckle that's been brought online
- Likes Famous Stars and Straps and owns FSAS belt buckle
- Owns other buckles
- Has think eye make up. usually black
- Wears headbands
- Likes polka dots
- Fancies Oli Sykes (Ewww)
- Is bisexual (This is usually faked by guys on myspace though)
- Is straight edge and/or vegan/veggie although not all are the latter not SE.
- Uses the term OMFG, LOL, LMAO alot
- Likes hardcore, rave, indie and the odd bit of metal
- Dislikes softer music
- Shops in Camden a lot
- Wears small band shirts and tight jeans
- Has a myspace page
- Seems to know how to do anything on myspace (Involving HTML and CSS)

But despite what people are saying, scene kids are pretty kool. I've met many and none of them has been as bad as people say they are.
"I'm not scene I'm just myself LMAO"
by Pete611 October 19, 2007
Scene is the definition of a wannabe emo who doesn't cut. They have too much time on their hands, and take far too many pictures of themselves.

A quite humorous fact about the background of those of the scene variety is the observation that emos themselves are bad cheap imitations of goths. Which in turn means that "sceenies" as some people call those of the scene "anti-group" are really-really bad cheap imitations of goths.

Many scene losers have backwards mullets which are quite silly looking.
1. 85% of all people that use myspace are "scene"

2. the world would be 85% better were it not for the scene tards.
by The Crispy1 August 01, 2006

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