The coolest, most dark and mysterious group of kids in high school. Scene kids are totally unique because:

1.) Music. their musical tastes are totally deeper than yours. scene kids don't just listen to chiodos and underoath anymore, they now enjoy lil' wayne and girl talk!

2.) Haircuts. their haircuts are omg fab, held together by super strength hair wax, hair spray, or sometimes gel (all in mass amounts). the preferred styling method is to put a shitload of wax on the back of their head before bedtime, making it super messy and xcore (WARNING: this causes scenester-pillowcase syndrome). When they wake up for high school, they then apply massive amounts of product in the front to make it flat and pushed all in one direction. the great thing about scene haircuts: they're unisex!

3.) Hair Dye. along with the cool do's, scenesters also are totally individuals and non-conformists because of their hair dye patterns. in order to be truly scene, your hair must consist of 2 or more colors, one of them being a hue that doesn't occur in nature. Black is chosen by most as their naturally-occurring color, the other may be blue, bloodfrommywrists-red, green, or my personal favorite, purple (makes me think of grape jolly ranchers!)

4.) Piercings. emo/scene kids love 'em, mostly in places they'll regret when they are 25 and in the job market. Sorry xhatemylifex, but you'll never get hired with 3 nose piercings, 4 lip piercings, and an eyebrow ring. not even at starbucks.

5.) Cigarettes. Scene kids start once they find out they're scene. in getting started on the cancer sticks, they use the stereotypical "i'm cool for smoking" excuse to justify it to themselves. Many scene kids don't actually inhale their cigarettes, as they are in the 13-14 year old range and don't know how to properly smoke yet.

6.) Clothes. this is one of my fav's. the scenester wardrobe is as unisex as the haircut. t-shirts must be 2 sizes too small; the typical 5'8" 150 lb. male wears an XS tee (as to expose his midriff) of his favorite band, perhaps the rocket summer. pants must be GIRLS jeans (tight men's jeans are not acceptable) with key rings hanging from the beltloops, and rips and tears in the knee and thigh area. once again, pants must be 2 sizes too small, as to minimize mobility of the legs and maximize how much of their belly hangs over the waistline.

7.) Mannerisms. Scenesters usually don't allow for much fluctuation of the voice, as to not show any happy emotions they may have. Others: looking down, flipping their hair, adjusting their pants, checking myspace religiously, and putting an x before and after every word they use. it's the hardxcorex thing to xdo.

8.) Myspace. all the scenesters got 'em. All photos are self-taken from an awkward angle, as to show any cleavage they might have in junior high/high school, or to show that they're just plain good at aiming without looking at their digital camera's screen.

All in all, these factors make scenesters the most respected group of people in their high school.

NOTE: You can consider this a confession of a former-scenester. I'm guilty of all the above, except piercings/hair styles.

Though most of the content is true, let's be honest; most scene kids get to a point where they realize what they are doing is ridiculous. Those that don't just end up getting pointed and laughed at (rightfully so). If you're gonna do the scene style, why don't you just go all-out and cross dress?
1: Hey, did you see Connor's new scene wardrobe on myspace?

2: yeah, Connor is so scene; i love his lip ring and mudd jeans. my sister has the same jeans.

1: awesome! what kind of hair wax did he use for that cool do?

2: not too sure... (drags cigarette without inhaling)... what's his screen name again so i can tell him how sweet and ghetto his new gear is?

1: i think its xxbleedingmakesbloodxx, but it might be xwilldiexforyoux.

2: so scene...
by X_i_am_so_scene_X March 04, 2009
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A person completely obsessed with themselves and how cool everything that they do is. with bucked up hair and makeup and dudes wearing tighter pants than girls.
Emo kids want to kill themselves

scene kids make everybody else want to kill themselves
by Destroyer of the Scene July 13, 2008
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Colloquial term commonly used in Pakistan. On its own, Scene refers to 'the way things are'. A plan is often referred to as a scene.

"Scene?" means "what's the plan?" or "what should we do?"

Commonly used terms include 'good scene', 'bad scene', 'scene (is) on', or 'scene (is) off.

Also, a colloquial term used in Lahore sometimes is "scene on (pronoucned awn) bachiyan down (pronounced da-awn)"

For those who don't know, bachiyan means girls.

So for instance:
Person 1: "Why didn't you come over last night?"
Person 2: "I don't know. I didn't know what the scene was"
Dick: I won't the lottery, good scene.
Peter: Your name is Dick. Bad scene

Flo: That guy looks shady. What's his scene?
Slim Shady: You look sunny. What's your flow?
by GoodMB May 25, 2012
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Literally just a scene for the post-MTV generation. Without any real idea of what made the beatniks, hippies or punks so influential, fashioncore kids focus all of their energy and mental capabilities on following clothing trends.

Scenesters live to be popular and look down on 'new' kids for not knowing anyone in their scene.
Another notable scenester trait is to make fun of other, more substantial subcultures for being 'old'.

And something about music. I dunno.
"OMG OMG OMG I can't believe she said that about scenesters! You're UNEDUCATED,"

"I love the Indie section at Virgin Records,"

"Y'know, I think it's pretty sad that you just won't admit that there's no originality left in the world. That's what I think,"

"When are all these dumb kids gonna grow out of their ideals and just become hipsters already? *sips black coffee*"
by Talksick December 31, 2008
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If you REALLY want to know what scene is, go to myspace.com/(anything that has x's, the words gun, bang, bleeding, heart, dying, broken, or rawr) You are guaranteed to end up in a scenester's myspace. Now just look at the picts of them. Don't worry, you will have PLENTY of pictures to look at. (by plenty I mean at least 30.....thousand) Notice how the pictures are all at a freakishly odd angle and they are never looking at the camera, but up in a weird unnatural direction. The more your face is showing, the less scene you are. The more random spots of color you have in your unnaturally black hair, the more scene you are. Girls, ALWAYS wear little girl bows in your hair. Guys, ALWAYS have long hair covering most of your face. (a bandana is a plus)

Now to top it off just say "I am so individual!" and "This is who I am. I like to be unique" and "I make my own style" (now of course you know what you are saying is all lies but you gotta say it otherwise you will become even more depressed and cut even more).

Emo/Scene people sicken me. LONG LIVE THE PUNX! (real punk....not this "blink 182" and "Taking back sunday" crap)

"I take a billion pictures of my ugly ass self all day and put them on myspace cause I have no life! I think I am artistic but I can't draw worth shit and can't write poetry if it saved my life and I can't play the acoustic guitar but if I could I would be the sexxxxx!123 hardxscenexcore!!!"
by XXXXooooiamsoooosceneXXXX July 21, 2006
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Scene; stereotypically known to have a look as if the 80's shitted on their clothes, poofed up/dry hair, big rediculous useless bows in their hair, rediculous myspace poses such as the 'claw' (look below for reference) and the infamous myspace mirror pic, and basically a cross between "emo" and "prep".

A Scene is someone who's so into themselves that they're blind on how everyone around them hates them because they're unoriginal. Someone who's so self absorbed that they don't realize how rediculous their hair looks. Someone who worships something such as liquid eyeliner and dinosaurs. And someone who needs to grow the fuck up.

Girls look like dykes and guys look like girls.
Scene Dumbass #1:


Scene Dumbass #2:


And of course, the male-ish thing with twiggish legs:


'Nuff said.
by Anne hates scene cunts August 12, 2008
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The scene: is something we live, a community of people that are united in loyalty, trust and common tastes.
lets justify being scene, for all you kids. im sick of being bashed on for the way we choose to live our lives by jelous people.
1. yes we have good fashion sense. guys do have lush hair, and girls do like baby bows and choppy hair. and we do vintage shop find rad clothes and add our own style to them. and alot of us do gauge our ears. atleast we put effort into how we appear. and yes we prefur to be skinny. everything fits that way.
2. yes were good in photgraphy. the crazy angles we take pictures from make our photos not so boring. we do have cool facial expressions and poses. it defines us.
3. we do use the local scene not only to hear raw music and dance, but also to hang out in the setting WE BELONG IN. and choose to be in. like other kids would go to the mall or a sport or something.
4. we do have our groups and ranks within the scene. its not like were gangs and hate other groups. there the people were closest to, like family. and the ranks just depend on how much respect you have from your peers. dont bash on us for that. and yes when new people come to our shows we do size them up to see what there all about.
5. when we say, "im so rad" "im So scene" Im Cooler then you kay?" and other stuff. its usually sarcastic. you know haha funny. but douche bags take what we say seriously because thats how they want to hear it.
6.we dont call ourselves "scene kids" people Label Us That Way.
7. we know who we are. were not just fallowing a trend. the scene isnt a trend its a way of life. and we keep it alive.
8. we do judge everyone, and pin a stereo-type to you and then stick you with the others. im just glad our stereo-type is rad and not some lame difinition.
9. we like it that people are jelous(hate) us.
10. theres a difference between "scenekids" and hardcore kids.

BTW: we Are Cocky, and if you have a bad attidude towards us. were going to have the same towards you. We Do Know Were Better Then alot of people out there, people Just Dont Realize It, Because they Have No Idea What were About. and there to thick headed to learn or try to understand. we have futures. So Fuck Off Kay? thnx.

so to sum it all up, we know what good music is. we know fashion. and we have beautiful hair. deal with it.

your way of atacking us over an online dictionary is not only pointless, becouse what people say about us doesnt faze us, but its also immature, uncool and it shows how jelous they really are. and that we are better then them, because we dont say bad things about the way they choose to live there lives. we have better things to do.

p.s. Were All Magic Ninjas k.
Kids That Go To Local Venues,(The Scene) To Let There Frestrations out and have fun by listening to loud music and HxC dancing
by <3TylaBitesXcore June 02, 2006
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