Scene Girls

+I'm better than yo K
+My friends rr teh sexx && better thn yurs K
+Tight clothes
+'Big' hair
+Short hair
+or heavily layered/choppy up to shoulders then long, dead straight extensions to waist.
+Claim to be individual
+Are actually clones
+Refuse to admit they are clones, everyone else copied them
+Buried in make-up
+Think they are Gods gift to the world
+Try to act like some sort of Saint (vegetarian/vegan. totally against racism/homophobia/sexism etc. but they dont actually care. only doing it to fit in more)
+Tight Tight clothes
+Like to wear Polka Dots/Bandanas/Beads/Bows/Hairbands
+Hate to be 'lebeled' or 'stereotyped'
+HATE anyone not exactly like them
+Listen to emo/indie/metalxcore etc.
+Listen to rap just as much, this is part of their 'individuality'
+Smoke like a chimney and like to brag about getting drunk/stoned
+Act 'gangsta'

the 'Emo Kid' song. Also pretty much sums up 'Scene'

When I get depressed I cut my wrist in every direction
Hearing songs about getting dumped gives me an erection
I write in a live journal and wear thick rimmed glasses
I tell my friends I bleed black and cry during classes
I’m just a bad, cheap imitation of goth
You can read me “Catcher in the Rye” and watch me jack off
I wear skin tight clothes while hating my life
If I said that I like girls I’d only be half right

I look like I’m dead and dress like a homo
I must be emo

Screw xbox I play old school Nintendo
I must be emo

I like to whine and hate my parentals
I must be emo

Me and my friends all look like clones
I must be emo

by Pish!! August 22, 2006
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A primarily teenage/young adult subculture, basically the same as any other. Its participants can be identified by their vaguely androgynous fashion and their obsession with Myspace. As in any subculture, all scene kids look the same. Unfortunately, scene kids are particularly strident in their insistence that they’re all totally individuals and not conformist poseurs like the rest of the world, which is why everyone hates them.
Scene Kid: I’m an INDIVIDUAL, unlike the rest of you SOULLESS CONFORMIST POSEURS.
Prep: You and your friends all dress the same, just like my friends and I do.
Geek: You and your friends all listen to the same music, just like my friends and I do.
Gangsta: You and your friends all read the same magazines, just like my friends and I do.
Jock: Face it, moron, you’re a conformist too.
by Diamond Dog April 16, 2007
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A person who strives at being part of a specific group of classification. Often refered to people who listen and dress according to the latest fashions of Hardcore or Metalcore. Scene things to do is atttend shows(local small concert venues) regularly. If you are a true scenester then you will go just to mingle with other scene kids and not for the music. Scene kids are usually either straight edge (no drinking, drugs, smoking, casual sex) and are noticable with huge X's on their hands or raging alcoholic/drug addicted/sexaholocics. Scene kids are usually very noticable with tight clothing, some form of Blood Brothers clothing, and crazy hair.
Boys in girl pants or jackets.
Buttons in random places on shirts, jeans, jacket, hoodie, ect.
Hair styles where the bangs are longer than any other part of the hair.
by G! February 28, 2005
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girls in polka dots and neon colors with black hair and flirty makeup. abnormally thin boys in womens clothing touching up their own makeup. hair "Eating" their faces..making the poor kids go blind. dinosaurs galore. "like sexx" or "like woah" after every statement. probably a blood brothers obsession, when they know only on or two songs. mixing hardcore and techno (i personally dont see it happening..ever). kids(most of the time under 24, as stated in deffinition #1) who simply try too hard to fit in with the current trend.
electrickkgirlxx:ohh emm gee! kso check out that guy..we have hte same pants!
BANGelectrikkSEX:he's scene like woah!
by Mrs.Electric Ocean April 14, 2005
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A word to describe self conceited trendy kids who post their own image to the define the word scene.
Urban dictionary has a catalog of anonymous gloomy scene kids all over it.
by Phrenesicko Decapitate June 01, 2005
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girls or guys that do the following:

-get on their myspace and try to make it as hardcore/emo as possible, such as: try to look as serious and/or sad in their pictures, but look the same in every one; list every band they like, believing everybody is going to read the list; and use lyrics in every corner of their myspace, usually either emotional lyrics, or hardcore lyrics to make themselves seem independent and tough.

-watch teenage mutant ninja turtles and sport the clothing.

-go to coffee shops every morning (which is actually weird for straight-edge scenesters, since caffeine the most addicting drug around. and it doesn't make sense to drink de-caf coffee, because that's like smoking THC-free weed. that's not the point of coffee. good job, douchebag)

-"tough guy" hardcore scenesters wear camo cargo shorts and white t-shirts with their favorite band on it (usually with a picture of the lead singer on stage, with a whole bunch of kids rocking out near the stage, singing along, because after all: you can't hide how tough you are.)

-hardcore girls usually never actually get into the pit, but just sit and watch the guys, picking out which guys are "HOTTT" and look more defiant. most of these girls just become hardcore because their crush is hardcore, so they completely change who they are just so they can get a little closer to them. these girls piss me off the most. see fake.

-emo kid scenesters (guys) almost always wear girls pants and make out with other guys. and somehow, girls think that's hot. i've got news for you girls who like that: if 2 guys are making out with each other, they're gay and they don't fuck girls. it makes sense. emo guys also have their bookbags covered with emo lyrics, and have their hair black, with it parted to the side. or just have it cover their entire face. whatever floats their boat.

-emo girls usually wear bandanas around their neck and pretend to be depressed just so they can get attention. these girls are all spoiled and have perfect lives, but i guess losing a guy is more devastating than, say, having a childhood friend die, or having your parents die in a car accident and having NO ONE. but hey, whatever. almost all of them have a myspace and have 4028449 friends that they never talk to but see at local shows.

-dance like a retard.

-think breakdowns are the best thing ever, when in reality, an open string riff in drop D isn't that impressive. see lame

-think they're being independent and being an individual but really they all look the same. see goth

now, before i get bitched at by everyone, lemme make one thing clear: i love hardcore music. mostly the lyrics though. most guitar riffs in hardcore are simple. but i don't like the people that think being in a subculture is being independent and an individual. i don't dress scene and i certainly i don't act scene. i love all types of music like rap, punk, hardcore, metal, techno, etc. so before you call yourself an individual, look at the pictures on your myspace. you all look ridiculous.
scene guy: "hey, are you going to the show?"

scene girl: "maybe after i go to starbucks, buy a pink bandana, and put some pictures on myspace. is jeffery gonna be there? he is sooooo HOTTTT!"

scene guy: "you're lame, dude"

by timmy e September 16, 2006
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is that miss mel from myspace?

she's heaps scene
by rickiiiii September 16, 2008
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