Most people think: Were all the same

The truth is: We have simialr interests.

Ex: Yes, we do like dinosours and robots. We do like skinny jeans and bandannas. We do like hairbows and trademark names and hello kitty and rainbows! So what?? In reality, most of us liked these things before we ever even heard of the word scene. Only posers will just start to like these things because to them it is a "trend".

Most people think: th@t w3 t!nk w3 hxc s0 w3 t@lk l!k3 d!s, n!99@.

The truth is: were actually very intelectual.

Ex: Yea, maybe sometimes we DO talk like that, but we dont overexadurate (hope i spelled that right) it. Most of us are smart, and we do have futures.

Most people think: that were obsessed with taking pictures of ourselves

The truth is: We love photography.

Ex: Yea, we take all of the pictures with the wierd angles and we take alot of them, but, coinkadinkaly, we alot of us love photography. Its just one of the things that make us "scene".

People think that: Were all little bitches

The truth is: were actually pretty nice

Ex: Ok yea, some of us may come off as rude to you, but think about this: were you rude to us? If your rude to anybody in this world than they are bound to be rude back, its common sence, love.

Most people think: Were concided

The truth is: we are confident

Ex: Confidence is the key, love. What is wrong with being confident. Being insecure isnt fun, for anyone, so basicly what we say is "why be that when you can be this?"

Most people think: were whores

The truth is: were not

Ex: We dont even know what your talking about, here. So what if we show a little skin? That proves nothing! From my view, most of us are virgins!

NOTE: What you think about scenes are usually just definitions for posers.

Hope this changes your mind.
A poser would say:

0MG!m s0 sc3n3xc0r3, @nd r@d! th@t sh!rt y0ur w3@r!ng !s S000 st3ll@r, n!99@

A real scene would say:

Heyy, what's up? OMFG I <333 that shirt your wearing in your pic, its so vouge!
by Alex_Abnormal January 17, 2009
a kid how just wants to fit in.!DAMN IT!i hate the ppl that post things about scene kids for reals.they are all just hatin.dont denie it its true just cause they cant be scene is just a word for some one that wants to look emo but hard core emo thats the for true they listen to emo and hXc pretend to be sXe just cause they think its cool and theyll pretend to be every thing as long as its cool all they want is to have a trend so stop hatin
wears everything en emo would wear but more hXc makes them look scene
by XfuckenxcuntX March 15, 2006
People who are usually shadows of other scene kids and make up stupid words and skip gym and take pics in the locker room of them selfs
" OMG! there like sooo awesome-o shoes "
"oh look take a pic of me with a fake gun to my head so fucking scene hardxcore"
by rollie pollie ollie February 28, 2006
See homo, fag, gay or poser. At certain times certain things become cool in high school, but how could have pretending to be depressed 24/7 become popular? I have depression and I don\'t call myself a scene and take gay angle shots of my depressed face and write some stupid shit as a subtitle. Be yourself people... *sigh*
Emos think they\'re \"cool\" now. I wonder how stupid theyre gonna feel about their \"phase\" when theyre in their mid twenties. There are way too many emo pics on Stay in the closet, you ugly, acne ridden confused twats.
by sdfcfd April 26, 2005
Scene kids can be broken down into three catogories:

scene-b's: The "b" stands for baby. These are scene kids who are new to the scene or who don't generally know what the fuck they are about. Unfortunatley most kids labled scene fall into this catogory. scene-b's dont understand why they wear girl pants and usually reply to insults about it with "i like how they feel" or someother lame excuse.

typ-scene: The "typ" stands for typical. typ-scene kids won't be as inclined to wear girl pants but those who do understand the point behind and wear them because girls like it or cuz pants are pants and who gives a fuck. a typ-scene kid usually plays an instrument of some sort but alot of times aren't very good. typ-scene kids have decent tastes in music. typ-scene kids usually wear tight band shirts girl pants or tight guy pants.

evo-scene: The "evo" stand for evolved. evo-scene kids are diffrent from standard scene kids and are looked up to. evo-scene kids have superb tastes in music and often listen to a wide spectrum. evo-scene kids don't wear girl pants instead they wear designer jeans or a trusty pair of anything low-rise; they still wear band shirts but only under their tight polo shirts. evo-scene kids usually can play an instrument and are fairly talented at doing such. they don't bother with most of the myspace bullshit and and scene drama. Some evo-scene kids might not even look scene at first but indeed they are. evo-scene kids are true scene kids and they act it.
scene-b's: "Hey did you guys go to the MCR show yesterday? man they are cool. I slit my wrists the other day after takeing 76 triple c's."

typ-scene "Hey did you guys go to the saosin show yesterday? they fucking rock live. Fuck i want to go get drunk and do some cocaine. then just fucking chill out and watch some movies while making out with some hot scene girls."

evo-scene "Hey did you guys go to the pinback show yesterday? that shit is so chill. We should go smoke some bud and chillax in my room, maybe go down to the skatepark in a bit."
by an evo-scene kid December 11, 2005
SCENE/SCENESTER/FASHION WHORE/EXPENSIVE TASTE/CLUB KID:basically, its hard to differentiate the difference between male and female when it comes to scene kids.
-half chinese/brazilian works the best
-not so much into the whole black hair/platinum blonde streaks anymore
-extensions (sometimes, they are a pain in the ass)
-subtle mullet
-faux hawk
-miss sixty jeans, seven, true religion, something that at least looks expensive. straight legged or altered by a sewing machine
-find me at tigerheat or 82
-flats (shoes)
-eye make up
-calm yo self down on the face make up
-not so much going to shows anymore. the last one i went to see was moving units
-NEVER into the plastic pearls. only the real thing which is from my chinese grandma

if you need anything else feel free to IM me: plasticlashes
or contact me through myspace

club kid, scenester, scene kid, fashioncore, lesbian, gay
by plasticlashes March 12, 2006
Concited snobs!! They are into alot of fashion. They dress in lace, seven jeans, shop atexpress, etc. Most of the time they look like they walked out of Urban Outfitters. Have their hair cut choppy, and messy. They dont listen to much hardcore, but lots of indie such as BRIGHT EYES and such. They think they are the best thing that ever walked on earth, and have so sence of humor nor do they have good personalities. They dont like to associate with others, and get caught up in their own world.And they also Type weird.
"OH EM GE!! Did chu hear the new Bright Eyes cd? Gosh, it'sh so wundurrful!"
by Ashlie May 05, 2005
Adjective: being part of the gay social scene and frequenting whichever club or restaurant is fashionable at the moment, conforming to gay stereotypes. Often derogatory or dismissive
Honey, he's always trying to hard to be seen and be scene
by Chewmyhoop May 05, 2005
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