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Most people think: Were all the same

The truth is: We have simialr interests.

Ex: Yes, we do like dinosours and robots. We do like skinny jeans and bandannas. We do like hairbows and trademark names and hello kitty and rainbows! So what?? In reality, most of us liked these things before we ever even heard of the word scene. Only posers will just start to like these things because to them it is a "trend".

Most people think: th@t w3 t!nk w3 hxc s0 w3 t@lk l!k3 d!s, n!99@.

The truth is: were actually very intelectual.

Ex: Yea, maybe sometimes we DO talk like that, but we dont overexadurate (hope i spelled that right) it. Most of us are smart, and we do have futures.

Most people think: that were obsessed with taking pictures of ourselves

The truth is: We love photography.

Ex: Yea, we take all of the pictures with the wierd angles and we take alot of them, but, coinkadinkaly, we alot of us love photography. Its just one of the things that make us "scene".

People think that: Were all little bitches

The truth is: were actually pretty nice

Ex: Ok yea, some of us may come off as rude to you, but think about this: were you rude to us? If your rude to anybody in this world than they are bound to be rude back, its common sence, love.

Most people think: Were concided

The truth is: we are confident

Ex: Confidence is the key, love. What is wrong with being confident. Being insecure isnt fun, for anyone, so basicly what we say is "why be that when you can be this?"

Most people think: were whores

The truth is: were not

Ex: We dont even know what your talking about, here. So what if we show a little skin? That proves nothing! From my view, most of us are virgins!

NOTE: What you think about scenes are usually just definitions for posers.

Hope this changes your mind.
A poser would say:

0MG!m s0 sc3n3xc0r3, @nd r@d! th@t sh!rt y0ur w3@r!ng !s S000 st3ll@r, n!99@

A real scene would say:

Heyy, what's up? OMFG I <333 that shirt your wearing in your pic, its so vouge!
by Alex_Abnormal January 17, 2009
"Perhaps part of their attitude comes from the problem that scenesters have begun to feel threatened about their culture being jeopardized because of a sort of trickle down effect. The internet is permitting easy access for anyone who would want to don scene-esque style and jump right in to a culture that scenesters feel they have built from the ground up and developed into a complex lifestyle. However, this lends many to get caught up in popularity contests in local areas as well as on the world wide web. Unfortunately, this can also lead to rifts in scenes. Groups of hardcore scenesters start "crews," often characterized by fierce brotherhood to the point of violence against others who are unlike them or who are in other crews."

This definition is added to recognize the fact that even though Punks and Scenesters are not similar in anyway, Punk is what built all of this from the ground up, and Scenesters don't realize that they as a group have also contributed to "posuerism- for lack of better or real words that would describe this" and have torn down the original and much more real and complex LIFESTYLE of Punks.

A punk is someone not easily categorized since someone who is a punk tends to have control issues and lives outside of the system, the system being words used by society, and created by the government. So in all reality a TRUE punk is unexplainable. Scene kids all over have portrayed and even called themselves punk "which they are not because they live in more of a bullshit system than most of society does" emo, goth, scene, rocker, and all other stereotypes within that category have all contributed to the near extinction of real punks. The reason i say this being that all of teen society was mad when they couldn't categorize a punk in any other word because punks in fact are so unique that there was no other word. "which punks themselves didnt even use" Teens were pissed off when they couldn't effectively imitate a "punk" that they made , goth, rocker, emo, scene, and all other stereo types within that sub-category, and told the rest of blinded society that they were in fact.....the "new" punks. This is the reason all scene kids, emo kids, goth kids, emo-scene-goth-fag-hardcore kids are indeed...Posers
Hey shit heads you wanna go fuck that little scene fag up?

Well fuck yeah ,no shit.

"Sorry if you thought this definition was unfair to some or most, but in the process of writing this i grew more and more angry with the fact that you all tore down something that was going to bring the government down to the level it needs to be....Below the people."
by Fuck-you-little-scene-shits June 02, 2009
To be 'scene' is to fit in with the current Emo trend and have your life depend on myspace.

Scene kids hang around with thier hair in like 9 different directions which is dyed into half blonde half black and wear very tight jeans.

Scene is an emo spin off as the emo phase turns into the hardcore phase..
"Are you coming to the Enter Shikari gig?"

"We are so scene.."

"Have you heard As I Lay Dyings new album" "No!!" "Lets go to Subway." "Ok!!!"
by Beelayer May 26, 2006
Scene can mean to accept the last statement posed and can be used to show appreciation and gratitude. The word "scene" is similar to "safe" in respects of usage.
Charlie: Jen you want bun on Spliff?

Jen: Scene.
by Charlie F August 29, 2005
1. an overacting bitch who thinks they are to scene for their pants.
2.cant find whether they are scene or just a poser scene.
"stfu bitch. i too scene for my pants."
"like d000d rawr im a dinosaur."
by fucking scene bitch June 06, 2006
To have bangs and wear eyeshadow.
I based this definition of Scene entirely on the picture gallery.
by why hello there April 28, 2005
fucking awesome people. usually looked down upon by "gangsters" but who arent made fun of by "gangsters" because their aluminum foil grills disenable them to talk properly. often called gay and fags because they are comfortable with their sexualities.
scene people are rad. youre gay.
by Jannnnnnnet. April 12, 2007
The demoscene, as it is known to it's members.
Statix first stumbled onto the scene in 1991 when he got his first PC.
by pr0ntab March 11, 2004