Why is it that all the people who claim things about certain stereotypes are never right? Claiming scene kids love dinosaurs. What the fuck? Are those the 10 year old girls
Myspace is full of your typical "Scenesters" that you all love to judge, so take some time, visit their profile, and then honestly say if you see ANYTHING people claim is true. Are they talking about loving dinosaurs? No. Talking about how they are non-conformists? No. The only thing that can probably be true about what you heard is the hair style, clothing, and/or make-up. AH HA. Im sure that just increases your anger at hating this group of kids, now doesn't it? We all hate those that look the same.Because Im sure its impossible for you to have the same hair as anyone else. Or outfit. Or like the same bands. Or any of the other shit you like and hate. Sorry, but theres ALWAYS going to be THOUSANDS of others that hate/like the same shit as you.

You think you're so much better than these scene/emo kids by hating them for being trendy? You're all creating one big fucking epidemic yourselves by hating a group of people for how they look without any logical reason for it. You say they are destroying humanity today? Look the hell at yourselves. HAHAHAA Dont tell me its not fucking pathetic that you dislike people based on their looks.

Punk.. Metalheads... anyone. You claim music is NOT about the fashion in any form. Am i correct? I agree completely. Its not. So why the fuck do any of you make it out to be? Stop saying "Oh because they listen to slow stupid shit like (whatever band that is more soft sounding) then they cant listen to slayer!" Really. Thats the biggest load of bullshit ever. You're all basing their type of music taste off how they look after two seconds before claiming to hate them for their fashion sense because they are acting like a flock of sheep.

Then you have your others that hate them for being "Fags!" Wow... If you need to determine if you like pussy or dick based upon if the cloth on your leg is tight to your skin, or loose fitting, then I feel REALLY fucking bad for you. Then all you guys laugh saying how they probably wear tight pants, because they have no penis. Are you kidding me? Your penis size isn't going to SHRINK based upon what you wear, and your penis can fit into anything no matter what big or small it is. Its not going to simply snap off for having cloth closer to it. No budge? One more reason for you to laugh it up, right? Haha. Thats why the average penis size is only about 6 and a half inches, and MOST guys can't even get it to that. But then they are usually the first making fun of the kid in tight pants who probably has a bigger penis than any of them. Basically put, the tightness of your clothing doesn't determine if you want vagina or not. Its pretty much like saying, any girl who wears jeans or tees must be a "Dyke" since both were originally made for males.

And as for eyeliner/make-up. Wow. Who gives a shit? Metal heads hate this, but what do they think tons of the musicians they bash their heads to are wearing? Once again, its some MATERIALISTIC which does NOT determine who you want to screw. Its just one more excuse for people to call each other names in hopes of hurting someone else.

Then we have those people who claim not to hate emo/scene kids at all for how they look, but simply for their attitudes or for conforming to trends of today.

Lets straighten something out. The people who talk about how much they hate emos for always whining are the ones bitching more than any emo kid could possibly manage. Hm, strange huh? You people look at someone by their hair and assume they must hate life. Thats pretty fucking retarded, and you know it. But yet you keep looking for reasons to justice the fact that you're doing and saying arrogant things. Some people might complain sometimes.. so what? Also... Theres a lot of people that have it worse.. very true. But does that mean that no one else can have problems, whether its smaller or not?

Who gives a shit. A problem is a problem. Some people need to talk to others, when they are feeling down. Im sure the friends and families of the 30,000 suicides every year hope maybe they would have talked to someone one last time. God forbid all those 30,000 people have the same hair cut and be classified as emo, which isnt true. Because im sure someone of EVERY stereotype, and shit like that have killed themselves. With that being said, cutting has nothing to do with how you look. Before emo/scene even became a trend, there were plenty of suicides and plenty of cutters. It doesnt mean they are begging for attention. And even if they were, most of you people wouldnt give two shits because you rather they just killed themselves.

You know you're in a fucked up world when others encourage people killing themselves for saying they needed help with a problem, or simply because of how they look. But then again, those people who be the first with shotguns and every weapon possible racing after any mother fucker who encouraged the suicide of someone they loved, and that person ended up listening. Pretty much, you have no reason to say shit about anyone, unless you're in their life. Whether its a small problem or not, then so be it.

For those that hate them for being trendy and saying they will burn pictures of themselves 3 years later from pure embarrassment of how they looked..

Can you honestly tell me you havent seen a picture of yourself where you werent like, "Oh my god i cant believe i looked like that" or "haha i was so stupid"

None of you fuckers can. If you say you cant, youre a liar. Its called a STAGE. Some people might be doing it for a trend. True. But have you ever thought a lot of them wear the things they want and like what they like, simply because their personality just fucking likes it? Maybe they didn't take notice of those things until it became trendy, but it doesnt mean they can't actually like it. So you all saying they dont are just fucking ignorant.

The ones who are doing it to be cool, will grow out of it. Are you going to hate someone for going through a God damn STAGE in their life? Its called growing up, and exploring different things that you like such as music sense. It has nothing to do with being a poser and deserving to die over them shopping at a store where you believe fire should be set to because of how the people shopping their look and dress.

The ones who actually like the stuff will KEEP IT. And even then, are you still going to hate them for it?

Face it. All you people that hate these groups, or any groups for that matter.. all search for reasons as to why you do. This one in particular is being pointed out in defense because Ive seen how much they seem to get ragged on over the most stupid shit.

Theres no one that can ever really seem to pick an intelligent conversation back with me about it and provide LOGICAL reasons for hating them. You dont like the music? Emo music use to be much better actually, in my opinion. But just because you dont like the bands today that are considered emo, and you claim are ruining music culture... Doesnt mean you should hate the musicians playing the sound. Theres still millions of people who WILL like a different type of music than you. So who are you to say they are ruining music? Ha. You have no say.

Most of the ones that claim to be so open minded are the ones who judge the most. For example, a well known band by the name of Cheap sex who is completely for individuality. But yet they have a song entitled, fuck emo, which bashes that group. Are they not going against what they said? "No they are bashing them because they hate emos for not being their own person!" Ah.. But have they met every person with the hair and jeans that they bitch about in their song? No, they dont. They are making assumptions then judging.

I will agree with the fact that i cannot stand how companies seem to produce clothing and other things encouraging suicide in hopes to get millions of little pre teens and teens to buy it.

Yes i do agree with that. But shouldnt you be hating those manufactures, who most of the time, do not have that emo look at all? But you dont. You hate the ones going along with it.

Maybe these trends wouldnt exist if people weren't so fucking narrow minded. So all you people crticizing them and everyone else need to take a good fucking look at yourselves. YOU people are the reason that there are trends of any kind. People fucking go along with things in hopes of fitting in so they arent picked on every god damn day of their lives, and even then... THEY STILL FUCKING GET SHIT.


I can understand someone gutting your family up, and you hating them. But for how they look... what they listen to.. what they like?

Fucking pathetic. Simple as that.
Focus your attention more on improving yourself and your judgments rather than hating other people.
scene kidemopunkmetalindieprep
How FOX news and other media networks have recently started doing stories on the "scene/emo" group saying how they cut themselves and how to spot the cutters based on appearance. Nope.. 30,000 suicides a year. Not all are emo/scene. Shut the hell up.
#scene #emo #punk #metal #prep #indie #metalhead #goth #gothic
by Humanity You Have Failed August 04, 2007
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Top Definition
typical "scene" girl:

-choppy hair
-usually black
-septum ring
-has a myspace with pictures of her from crazy angles with a TUFF face on because shes so hardxcore
-goes to local shows all the time
-belongs to a livejournal community called "cuntxcore" or "gungunbangbang" or "murderscene". because anything involving guns, or bang, or murder, or glamour, electric, shock, lust, or cunt, is cool in her book
-often says things like "SUP NIGZ" or "KTHXBAI" or "I HATE YOU KDIE" or "IM COOLER THAN YOU K" or "SUP IM RAD" on their myspace profile
-loves dinosaurs and robots and little girl bows and headbands because its just the way things are in the scene. dont ask them why all of them happen to find all of these things suddenly attractive, because they dont know themselves, its just what TOTALLY SCENExCORE people do.

usually theyre just obnoxious bitches who put on this "scener than thou" attitude and hate everyone else, kthxbai lol.
i am so scene, with my dinosaur shirt and my polka dot headband and my short choppy black hair and my cigarettes and my obnoxious attitude <3 kiss my ass kthxbai see you at the hardcore show tomorrow.
by scene March 21, 2005
Okay kids. Enough trash talk. Let's have a neutral definition, because it's a bit childish to use on online dictionary to attack people. PLEASE.

The word "scene" coves a large spectrum throughout recent history, but its most modern definition is used to describe certian subcultures and movements. The most notoriously famous and targeted is the alternative music scene, or more specifically, branches of the alternative music scene such as hardcore, indie, fashoionxcore, etc. A breed of scenesters (people on the scene) has begun to come to the forefront. These scenesters are usually very music-savvy and loyal to a few specific genres (typically hardcore, metal, indie, retro, 80's new wave, classic rock, etc. to name a few), of which they dress to exemplify. It is hard to pin down a style for a scene male or female, considering the trends amongst them vary from coast to coast, and certian fads come in and out within their ranks. Typically, though, many scene kids will have facial piercings, tattoos, and longer hair. It is not unusual to see teased hair with long bangs on males, or short fauxhawks (a mohawk without the sides shaved, a fashion-friendly version) on females. It is almost a throwback to the revolution of Britian's glam era, very androgynous and fresh. Scenesters take a lot of pride in their overall image, and often they appreciate shock value. Oftentimes they are thrifty, employing their abilities as bargian-hunters and do-it-yourself gurus to do something unique with their style. Large vintage sunglasses, retro patterns, tight jeans, classic metal/band tees, plastic jewelry, and heavy eye makeup are just some of the incorperations into scene style for either sex. This style and showmanship is at its height during shows (concerts), where often scene kids will meet their friends and size up strangers who visit their turf. There indeed is competition among scenesters...sometimes friendly, sometimes not. Shows are in fact not just concerts, but often a means of socialization for those on the scene. Those people who partake in scene lifestyle often choose to date/socialize only with those like them, which can cause bitterness or rejection to outsiders.

The music scene is often associated with other areas that scenesters are interested in, which is liekely, art, photography, creative writing, poetry, tattoos & piercings, civil rights, animal rights, etc. Many scene kids have strong beliefs about these things and consider those who do not to be "posers." They feel that their scene style is not only a fashion statement, but an all-encompassing lifestyle. Many scene kids incorperate their future plans into their lifestyle, going into careers such as journalism, photography, artistry, piercing, tattooing, working for magazines, being musicians, hairstylists, running venues and/or coffee shops, etc. This tends to cause scene kids to congregate, visit, or even move to big cities to find opportunities to meet other scenesters, find jobs that suit them, or to live where they have a plethora of activities that they enjoy readily at their disposal.

Recently internet revolutions like have provided a new means for the ideas of scene culture to be spead, for scenesters to find new friends, bands, and activities. Scensters design stylish and graphic profile pages to both draw attention to themselves and to find others like them, and many people have joined up with the scene fad due to internet advertising.

The downside of many scene atmospheres is that some scene kids tend to develop a superior mentality. Some who are especially popular and affluent can make it harder for the younger, yet-aspiring scenesters to join in with the subculture. This is not always the case, however. Different areas breed different demographics of scene kids. Perhaps part of their attitude comes from the problem that scenesters have begun to feel threatened about their culture being jeopardized because of a sort of trickle down effect. The internet is permitting easy access for anyone who would want to don scene-esque style and jump right in to a culture that scenesters feel they have built from the ground up and developed into a complex lifestyle. However, this lends many to get caught up in popularity contests in local areas as well as on the world wide web. Unfortunately, this can also lead to rifts in scenes. Groups of hardcore scenesters start "crews," often characterized by fierce brotherhood to the point of violence against others who are unlike them or who are in other crews.

The scene is dividing amongst itself, due to purists who feel the scene is about music only, and those who have taken the scene fashion to be almost, if not equally, as important as the music itself. Some of the fashionable scenesters stick to their musical roots, but often due to the aforementioned trickle-down effect, there are people joining the scene who are not interested in the music, but are only in it for the attention.

Thus, the scene will continue to divide. Whether they will admit it or not, kids interested in this lifestyle of excitement, concerts, body modification, fashion, and overall alluringly unusual aesthetics will continually be labeled as "scene." They chose an alternative path because they wanted to find acceptance elsewhere. Now, they face a community just like any other: one of all different types of people, who have different opinions and standards. It has its pros and cons, ups and downs, just like any lifestyle does.
"The punk scene around here is popular."

"Those kids are not scene."

"Check out that scene kid's hair!"

"I'm surprised the hardcore scene has become so big."

"I'm not dressed very scene today."

"Every scene kid seems to be getting this piercing!"

by asheneyed September 19, 2005
Evidently on, being "scene" means you are a self-indulgent douche bag you uploads eleventy-billion pictures of yourself looking "scene". Congrat-u-fucking-lations. You can use a camera.
I'm starting to hate this website.
by tom dillon April 18, 2005
How to be Scene:

First and foremost, your AIM/MSN screen name should be some rad song title and/or lyric. Remember, the more x's you have in it, the more scene you are.

Next, go buy yourself some girl's jeans. Face it, the tighter your jeans are, the more scene you will be, and the more the hardcore kids will hate you for it. Try on a pair of jeans and find that you're a perfect woman's 2? Buy a woman's 0 and suck it in.

After you buy your jeans, go straight to Hot Topic and buy every single band shirt they have. Even if you've never listened to the band, or worse, never head of them either. If people ask you about them, just say you like the "old stuff" and no one will ever know that you actually hate Norma Jean. Never buy anything larger than a Youth Medium. Ever.

Dont forget to pick up a white leather belt on your way out!

So, now you're dressed pretty scene, but how's your hair? Is it dyed black? Maybe with some bleach-blonde streaks? Do your bangs cover one of your eyes? If you answered no to any of these, shut up, grab a pair of scissors, and chop away. Never go and get your hair done, ALWAYS do it yourself.

Good job. Now your hair is the sex. But, your look won't get you anywhere if you dont know how to dance. And by dance, I mean beat the crap out of people. First of all, you need to make sure you claim your space in the pit. As the band starts, push everyone back and scream something obscene. Then you need to start to pace the pit just so everyone knows that you can move in your pants. Pacing the pit involves doing a half walk-half skip across the room, while looking downwards and shaking your head. But dont mess up your hair.

Then, when the time is right trust me, you'll know when throw your arm back and hopefully, you'll hit someone in the face.

5 scene points if his nose bleeds.

Begin two-stepping. If you dont know how to two-step, you might as well leave and go practice in your living room in front of a mirror until you get it. Add some sweet floor-punches and a couple spin-kicks into the crowd, and you're set. Now for the pile up! As everyone runs up to the stage, make sure you go last so you can be that cool kid on top of the pile. If you dont know the words to the song, fake it, and hope that its just screaming.

Your job is done.

Stand in the middle of the floor, with your arms crossed and survey the scene.

Good job scene. Good job.

So you're offically labeled bunshole now that you've given a couple of people black eyes. That's ok, it's the point.

Now that you're back home, go straight for your computer and immediately check your myspace. Get really pissed off when you dont have any friend requests, and get even more pissed off when no one has left you a comment in the 6 hours you werent home. Figure its because you havent updated your pictures in a couple of weeks and go take some more. Take about 80, but use the 2 most flattering ones. Remember, the more skin you show, or if you're sitting on the toilet, the more comments you will get.

Go outside and have a cig break and redraw the black X's on your hands. Afterall, you ARE straightedge. Everyone KNOWS cigs dont count!

Look up at the stars, sigh, and thank god that you're not emo.

Even though you really are.
xxSUICIDALFGTXX: OMGZ! stfu, i'm scene!
#scene boy #scene girl #emo #myspace #trendy
by Crystal Sid March 14, 2006
The term "Scene" usually deals with Hardcore/Fashioncore kids. Guys and Girls who are usually (almost ALWAYS) Egotistic, Self-Centered, Narcissistic. Loves taking pictures of themselves. The pictures usually consist of the scene he/she throwing a peace sign and making a sassy facial expression. The scene he/she with big glasses. The scene he/she with their hand almost covering their mouth and the eyes to the side as if they were saying "uh oh". Finally, the scene he/she with his or her crew. Many pictures are photoshopped to make them look as "Sex" as can be. They spend hours on their myspace making it look as trendy as possible. Talk to people they will never meet for hours on end. A simple scene kid to scene kid conversation is shown below. These kids are cocky. They will tell you they think they're ugly and show you the 1,000 pictures proving it. They are better then you according to them. They love to "bring the hang out" with all of their scene friends. Many will call themselves straight edge yet share nude pictures and drink because "they are sad". Scene kids make fun of others who aren't like them. Many scene kids think they are non-conformist, although you take a look through myspace and you'll see a million others just like them. They quote movie lines over and over showing the lack of originality they actually have. They LOVE using slang and talking like a "thug". Scene kids also love to write notes to others and take pictures of themselves with the note in hand. The Vegan scenesters are usually vegans because it's "cool" not because they have a love for animals. They love throwing their sassy ass into the pit and giving everyone a taste of their hardcore dance. I've seen many kids at shows watch the "Hardcore pit" and not the band. I could honestly go on for a while but I'm sick of thinking about it.
(Girl) XxXADyingTearXxX: Wuuurd up HaWti.

(Guy) XScarsRunDeepX: Oh I love YOU!!!!! Hows that SEX hair goin?

XxXADyingTearXxX: Shoot sun. Cha know dat it be fashionable!! <3

XScarsRunDeepX: You better take some pix. : )

XxXADyingTearXxX: Naw, I be lookin TOO Ugly. Shoot I took lke 30 earlier. Connect with me BabeXxx!!

XScarsRunDeepX: Those are SO SEX. Let's fuck!

XxXADyingTearXxX: Like, EWwwww!!1

XScarsRunDeepX: I mean..SIKE haha!!! I LOVE YOU <3 <3

XxXADyingTearXxX: AWWW I love YOU!!!

XScarsRunDeepX: Hey when are we gonna like meet up?

XxXADyingTearXxX: Oh probably never <3<3<3<3
by Justin S. May 12, 2005
The new thing for 15-20 y/o kids on myspace.
Scene Clothes:
Tight Band T-shirts
Obscure "Vintage" T-Shirts
Tight Girl Pants (on guys)
Super Straight Leg Pants (on girls)
Van Slip-Ons (2+ pairs)
White Studded belts
Fingerless Gloves
Bandanas on: wrist, head, in pocket, around neck etc.
Scene Hair:
MUST be 2+ colors and dyed in random sections. Red, Blonde, Black. (Neon Colors acceptable too.)
Choppy, and looks as if it was cut at home.
Almost mullet-like, with bangs.
Scene Accessories:
Lip ring(s).
Many "sexx" braclets.
Headbands and bows. (for girls)
(2-3)Obsure band pins on sweater or on jeans near crotch.
Eyeliner and over-the-top eye makeup (must be MAC or clinique)(on boys and girls)
Stretched ears.
Septum Piercing. (on girls only)
Abnormally large sunglasses.
TONS of rings.
Fake pearl/bead necklaces.
Scene Personality:
Goes to MANY shows, almost every day. 2+ on weekends.
Listens to "hardxcore" music.
Usually only goes to shows to "hardxcore" dance and talk shit about non-scene kids, or about the band.
HATES anyone not "scene"
Has a strange, almost leet-ish vocabulary. (AKA: LYEK OMFG I WENT TO THIS SHOW &&OMFG NI99A IT WAS HELLA TIGHTT.) Says && instead of "and", Says "nigga" and "ghey" but swears it not to be rasict or homophobic. Says "hella" ALOT and uses tons of contractions and acronyms. "OMFG". Adds another letter to random words. "radd" Says "gangster things" Says "cunt" ALOT.
Must be vegitarian or vegan.
Boys usuallypretend to be bi-sexual but won't do anything more then kiss another boy.
LOVES "robotzz" and "dinasawrz"
Must be "sxe", but still drinks and smokes ciggarettes.
MUST have myspace and have tons of friends and comments. Posts bullitons ALOT and whores other scene kids.
addictheartxx: SUP NIG
addictheartxx: You goin to tha bloodbrothers show tonite?
SceneSchelle: OMFG you know i am nigga. UR so radd. (:
addictheartxx: &&i love you so much kos ur so scene!
SceneSchelle: So then give me scene points cunt! D:
by chris__xcore September 17, 2005
"Scene" is a culture made mostly of teenagers and is relatable to emo. It is a culture derived to reject the "norm". Scene kids might often be quoted as saying "I hate people that arn't themselves" or "I dress this way because this is who I am!". Ironically, there has become a set mold which scene kids seemingly strive to fit, and they all look/act the same.

"Scene" guys often wear:
-Tight jeans
-tight t shirts, often from elementary school/middle school, or picked up from the local thrift store.
-tight blazers and jackets, even during a warm summer.
-Long, greesy hair, cut and dyed at home, with bangs that cover 1/2 of a "scene" guy's face at a 45 degree angle.

"Scene" girls often wear:
-Bright colored makeup
-Short, choppy hair, usually thicker on one side, and containing 2+ colors.

Scene kids are almost required to own a myspace page. Here, they will network with hundreds of other scene kids, post dozens of pictures of themselves (from different, crazy angles and more often than not, incorporating a bathroom mirror), and write blogs about pointless teenage drama which nobody else truly cares about.
Scene Kid 1: I'm Scene. I'm a unique individual. And you stole my awesome, Scene, haircut.

Scene Kid 2: No! I'm scene! And I'm far more unique than you! I suggest you give me back my haircut before I am forced to write a blog on myspace about how angry you have made me!
by Andrew2006 June 02, 2005
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