Scenester. Someone who is fake. Scene girl/guys are usually posers for emos. Peppy little kids who want to look emo. Scene is not a fashion style, it is not a good thing...
Emo Girlfriend: F*ck life, let's die.
Emo Guy: No bullets, bullets are scene.
Emo Girlfriend: Totally, lets go drink antifreeze or overdose on heroine. </3
by TheScreamoStud October 24, 2009
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Kids who were losers in middle school, and know they will still be losers in high school unless they join other losers, wear really stupid clothes, and act like there the shit cause they know they aren't and automatically dismiss everyone else better than them as losers. And guys simply seem gay, and girls seem like prostitutes with the skimpy clothes and ridiculous amounts of make-up, most of the time lol. If not they just look flat-out stupid.
"Ugh stupid Gustavo. Did you see him last year? Kid was the biggest loser in the world. Thinks he's the shit now. Fucking scene kid..."
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Scene, means, being different, from everyone else, taking camera's everywhere, taking loads of photographic photo's.
dressed in skinny, tight jeans, wears dark makeup(eyeliner) usually, very layered hair, thick fringe, BACKCOMBSS!
wears converse, high tops, shizz like that.
Like's alternative music, such as Paramore, You me at six, Bring me the horizon, Nevershoutnever, shizz like that.
Also, scene kids choose to spell things incorrectly, or spell them how they are said, such as " i liek yew moar than him, buh, yew awr smellehy ".
"Ooh, that scene kid's uploaded MORE photo's of herself."
"Hahah, she's so purdy"
purdy, meaning a scene way of saying cute, or pretty.
by YouMeAt6:00pm December 05, 2010
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ok..people who are saying "how to be scene"...its kinda stupid to have to learn to act a certain way....if yur scene then yur scene and if yur not then yur not..juss be yur self....scene means that yoo cud care less wat ppl think of yoo.....but scene ppl arent necessarily smokers or all about violence...they are juss ppl who dnt care wat ppl think...they care wat they think...im scene but i dnt smoke. mi hair isnt black its blonde and pink. scene chickas love love love bein cute...thats pretty much it!!!!

...and dont get scene ppl and emo ppl mixed up cuz wer COMPLETELY different
examples of how scene chikz talk wud be "rawr im a dino"..."rad"...stellar"....etc.

btw ...we love, love..
by XsabatogeXgurlX September 13, 2009
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1. A background and setting of any event or view.

2. A person who dresses unusually to draw attention of peers.
1. "The scene outside was total chaos."

2. "He's just a scene, ignore his bright 80's sweater."
by msjvictory September 27, 2010
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1. A part of a play or musical with a certain set and characters on stage.

2. A certain area where something signifficant or horrible has happend

3. Apparently some kind of style that desprate social rejects use to find a purpose in life... people like that give us other social rejects a bad name.
1. Act 1, scene 3.

2. The scene of the crime

3. Randome girl:"hmm... I think I'm gunna start acting like a scene kid just to piss my parents off."
by Zoey Moonbright November 16, 2011
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A more cheery, colorful version of softcore emos. Like sparkles and rainbow colors. Sideswept bangs. Too much makeup. Not very sad.

Some of their obsessions include hello kitty, gir from invader zim, and other strange or foreign cartoon characters.
"Did you see the new girl?"
"No, why?"
"She has big, dyed hair and is wearing sparkly suspenders and rainbow high socks. Seems pretty scene."
by ifuckedyourdogintheass March 07, 2013
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