Contrary to popular belief, the "Scene" style isn't new in any way. Scene was actually the creator of the "Emo" clique, and is only now being rediscovered. Scene has evolved into "Colorful Emos" as I have heard said around my community. Scene is essentially emo, minus all of the color and depression. Basically, they just like to wear the dark, tight clothing and occasionally, makeup. Besides their look, they have basic interests that a worldwide survey would deem "Normal".
No, you're just a douchebag who THINKS they're Scene.
by Termination of Communication November 24, 2010
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1)Emo faggots that have evolved themselves into something far worse who hang around in clubs watching musically untalented bands play.

2) Vain individuals with; mismatched clothing, overly teezed fried hair and excessive amounts of makeup.(they're all clones of each other)

3)Cheap knock off of the 80's (just look at Motley Crue)
Is that an emo kid?!
Nah, just a scene.
by Umad_Bro? June 14, 2011
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a style that is a mix of emo and preppy. typical scene girl hair:short, choppy layers with wisps of hair being the long length. long bangs in face flipped to the side. layers teased up. wears mainly dark clothes, but throws in a splash of bright color, such a purple or pink. wears dark makeup and almost never has their natural color hair. a lot of scene people smoke weed or do some other drugs, but are never drug addicts. scene people tend to be laid back and calm, but drama queens at times. rare scene people can be talkative and happy a lot, but definetly have their emo moments
look at her hair. that is so scene

she is such a scene queen
by ninjachick345 August 20, 2011
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Girls: Skinny jeans,flats,converses or vans tight band tees or other tight colorful shirts,Bows in there hair,colorful bracelets,black,blue,pink or yellow eyeliner,Multicolored awesome choppy big hair,snakebites,spiderbites,septum, takes a lot of awesome pictures from a weird angle

Boys:Tight band tees,girl pants,multicolored big choppy hair,converse,vans,studded belt,snakebites,spiderbites,septum
scene queens:Audrey Kitching
Hannah beth
Dakota Rose
by XxOlviaObscuritxX April 12, 2009
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Scene is a subculture with a similar style as emo, but would usually have brighter, probably neon, colors and are more social than emo and goth. They are usually the ones who would most likely start rave parties. If you need a great and exciting party, go to a scene kid and they'll know what to do.
Guy 1: have you seen that scene kid the other day?
Guy 2: yeah. the colors she wears can light up the whole damn night.
by emo/scene kid January 20, 2017
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How ugly little androgynous kids dress these days. A result of the decline of testosterone levels in males since the early 70's due to additives and perervatives in the American diet. As a result adolescents and even full grown men suffer from lithe and underveloped bodies. They suffer from emotional moodswings as a result of increased estrogen levels. They mainly listen to emo music and like hanging out with girls but generally can't or don't want to get past first base. They even take on women's fashion as exhibited by thier skinny tight jeans, long hair and eye liner that they wear.
Joe: Yo, check at that dude, he is so scene.
John: Are you sure that's a dude?
by Mesa Nick November 07, 2007
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Like emos only more colorful.
It's that simple.
Judgmental person"Look at the slag over there"
Other person "That's not a slag that's a scene girl."
J.P.: "Oh, sorry I can't tell the differnece."
O.P: "You're an arse."
by XxMalfoyxX April 05, 2010
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