just a punk kid with colored hair
That Taylor girl is such a scene girl
by iScene May 19, 2010
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it's just like emo but in a nice non-cutting way, plus it's birghter and neon-er, yes it's not a derpressing state, its a neon teased up hair kinda thang ;D
non-emo scene emo delaney paige

scene kid: im SO scene
normal kid: an EMO?
scene: grrr! everyone asks me, no not emo scene
normal kid: oooo-kay then!!!
scene kid: LOOK IT UP!
by ScEnEkId! September 29, 2009
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See also: Faggot.

by MiauCatMiau July 02, 2010
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Scene kids are bright and neon. Wear skinny jeans and band tees. Scene gurls like cartoons or anime such as, Invader zim, Hello Kitty etc. Scene gurls hair usually covering a eye or short choppy bang to the side. Scene guys have long bangs covering a eye tight jeans and band tees. Music- hardcore,metal,death metal,rock, or punk. They dress like emos but more advanced, usually smexxi. Great cuTTe hair. lol. Some self conceited. Take lots of pix of themselves.
Scene gurl: Hey.

Scene boy:hey yur bright today.
Scene gurl: Always.
by Valentina Hormez May 23, 2010
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The Bastardization of music which requires some form of talent. Although the scene used to be referencing Punk and Alternative Lifestyles, it has now been overrun by shitty "artists" (Business men/women who know what sells) and kids that follow such "artists".

remember: you're an individual. you're unique. (Sarcasm)
"Scene Kid #1": I love these new skinny jeans I bought. I need to do my hair though and look all pretty.

"Scene Kid #2": I need to go get some stuff at Hot Topic so I can look like a scene kid.

Old School Scene dude: You stupid fuckers killed it.
*beats the shit out of the pussy scene kids*
by Mommy's Little Monster July 03, 2011
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A happening that usually involves people going crazy.
Particularly in a football match
Person 1:How was the football match last night?
Person 2: It was scenes mate
by EvertonCunt October 13, 2015
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Scenes are emos who hate being called emos. They claim that nobody understands them. But, they are usually basic white girls who pretend to like shitty music.
~Enjoying EMO bands such as Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, Black Veils Brides -- but claim they enjoy good bands such as Green Day, AC/DC, Nirvana and Guns and Roses
~Put A's and W's where they do not belong (ex. Rawr, Gawd, Lawlz)
~Put x's where they do not belong (ex. sux)
~Frizzy, damaged hair that only looks good in pictures. Feels like hay and feels like wet paper when cut. Losers may attempt and fail, getting ragged and white trash hair.
~Ripping their clothes
~No authentic style, may look to superior people for ideas
~Claim they are depressed and don't wish to talk about it, but post pictures (usually on tumblr) about their cuts and their little imperfections
~In person, they are fake and disgusting and smell like generic perfume and money
~They tend to be privileged (rich out the ass) white girls who are unpopular
~Gain popularity by loosing IQ
~"Develop" a mental disorder when they are completely healthy
~Misuse internet memes
~Instead of facing life, they give their energy to sulking
~Uses eyeliner for eye shadow
~Will threaten to kill themselves, but are cowards
Scene girl: I am not emo! I am a bisexual, privillaged teenager who has no means to to hate their life-- but I do! You're looking at a real scene!
by 3301420 June 13, 2015
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