Scene. A word used to describe any group of people desperate to be individual who form a club. The paradox folds in on itself when the scene becomes too large and people form anti-scene scenes of their own. Commonly know as being "out of fashion".

In the online comunity, people in different "scenes" use various web sites and tools to define themselves.

One of the most popular scenes is where young people communicate through social networking sites in a language evolved from TXT. Here, the line between english and TXT becomes blurred to the point where only the people in the scene understand or care. These people can be spotted by a combination of being; skinny; posing; hair gel (especially boys); gangsta hand motions; rippped tee shirts; whatever else is in fashion this week.

Another popular "scene" is where movie and software pirates fall over each other to be the first to release a piece of digital entertainment before its general release. Copying other people's work from within the "scene" is not "scene".
dude1: I always look for fX releases when I dl movies.

dude2: Dude that's lame, fX isn't scene, he just copies aXXo's work.
by peel321 September 27, 2009
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Scene people are not the same as emo!
Scene people like bands such as Hadouken! and yes, wear skinny jeans. But not all scene people have multiple peircings and mad hair.
Scene people dont want to belong to a certain 'clique'. To be scene you dont have to follow rules, scene people like similar stuff, but are their own person.
Scenekids are still scene, just a younger generation!
by SceneKid.. October 14, 2008
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A word that used to describe a picture or portrait of beautiful wildlife but has had its definition changed to emo. Yes, I said emo!
Have you seen the scene in that movie when they're on top of the mountain?

Look at those emos!
They're scene, you idiot!
by Mike Yo July 16, 2008
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A new horrendus fad that ends at my generation (junior in high school.) Ugh.
Those kids that hang out in front of taco bell are totally fucking scene.
by cadieux November 27, 2007
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Anyone who enjoys a nice day at the local haircuttery, getting your black, iron burned hair chopped up and nice. also one who enjoys minimal circulation to their legs via skin tight highlight colored pants, or just like the feels of being openly gay in public. May also enjoy being the most self centerd person on the earth.
"im hotter than you because i like dicks." but Roger, your pants are so scene.
by nut sweat May 10, 2011
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most scene girls have big layered hair, usualy black or bleach blond with tons of colors and bows. they usualy ware colorful skinny jeens and band t-shirts. usualy, there clothing consists of neon colors, fingerless gloves, and convers. fake pearls have become very popular with scene girls.

the scene male usualy dress darker. they usualy have dark hair with side bangs that covers one of there eyes and sometimes with color in it. they also usualy ware skinny jeens and band t's.

all scene styles are different. the most populated scene state is NJ. concerts are popular places for scenes to hang out at. most scenes, no mader where they live and what gender, has face peircings (nose, eye brow, snake bites) and dark eye makeup. the girls usualy have more dark, heavy makeup, but some scene boys do ware a little guyliner.

a HUGE part of scenesters (people who are scene) is the music. a lot of people confuse scene and emo because the styles are similer, but the biggest difference is the music. emos lisen to mor emotional music, but scenes lisen to mor HxC (hardcore) music such as scremo or heave matel. another difference between emos and scenes is there personalitys. scenes are happyer, funner, and ware brighter colors.

scenes care a lot about there looks and being cute, but most of them arnt as vein and self sentered as some people say. even though we scenesters care about our looks, we still can be very nice and fun to be around.
heyy wuz up meh scene friends?!??!?
by theRayRaylove July 13, 2010
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A style of being branched off from punk/punkrock. The difference is that scene is more aimed toward the emo style of life whereas punk just hated everything.
In all honesty we shouldn't shun these people who dress a certain way (Scene) because it's just clothing. And the "Emo" personality is brought on due to shunning them. Therefore the only way to slay the "beast" is by befriending the "beast". After that you'll end up bringing out the best. :
Child1: This scene kid is giving this lame effort to be different, when we know they dress all the same.

Child2: Okay? So he wears something some other people wear, you and I are both wearing American Eagle. We might not be trying to be different but we're just as "bad" as he is according to you. And how do you know he's trying to be different? Maybe he just likes the style of clothing? Even I think it's kinda cool.
by Watzit Too Yah January 09, 2011
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